Friday, February 12, 2016

Inspiration Tips for Painting

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The other day I had read blog Karen Margulis and I quote: " it is a time killer. How often do you have time to paint and spend most of it trying to decide WHAT to paint? How often have you gone through stacks of reference photos only to decide you have nothing at all that inspires you. How many times have you given up and called it a day because you spent all of your painting time trying to find inspiration?"

Well that got me thinking...

Then the next week (Jan 2016) I went to the Art Assoc that I am a member of and I watch Cey Turner paint and she share some tip with us that she uses and that got me to think about Karen Margulis blog. 

Karen Margulis talk about placing photo in a jar but Cey Turner takes it on to a step farther.

(This is one of my photo that I am use as an example. (c)  
 She will take a photo and study that photo then paint a 5"x 7" to study the cools and warm colors, shadows, horizon line (if it would be better high or low) Black and white... 

Once she has decided which painting works best, she will takes the photo and her small study painting to create a large master pieces. 

Well if we just take a little time every day (if possible) and study the photo that we want to paint or even the one in our head, get it all lay out, how much more will our painting be better from it. 

Something to think about. 


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