Friday, October 9, 2015

Never give up...

Howdy and Welcome to my blog.

I want to tell y'all about my new and madding project.
Last month I did a painting of an old classic 1964 ford falcon car that belong to Pop of Pop'sBurger Stand on Waxahachie Texas.

Well to make a long story short I sold him the car painting and two other trucks painting.
A couple of weeks later we go in to grab a burger and Pop tells my husband and I if I would create a mural for him.  

Well I never painted a mural in my life and I told him so. He in turn around and told me that all it is, is just a big canvas... OK you got me. 
So I went home and started doing my homework and I found some contract to work off of. 

Here are the sites that I found to work off of. 

Once I done my home work I created a contract (I all  always make two copy's, one for the client and one for my self) I show my contact to the owner,listen to what he wanted, try my best to get on the same page as he told me  about his dream mural and I smile a lot. After talking to the owner we both felt that I could see his vision and I am going for it.

A couple of weeks later I submitted some pic's for an idea. He submitted some pic's back... A couple more weeks later  my son and I go to Pop's. Now I must say my knees where knotting but I did not show it. (I hope) I lay out some more pic's and again to my surprise pop tell me I presented my self well and I got the job.
This is great news for my brother has past away and I need the income to bury him.
The mural is a 10' x 5'-1/2" mural of a 50's style burger stand with cars, hot rods,car hops and who know what else. 

Here is what happen next.

I did a drawing of the mural,show the owner,make some changes but because I listen to what he wanted and drew his thoughts I was able to move onto the next stage of the drawing.

The owner wanted his mural on wood panels so that he could take it with him when he moves to a new location at a later date. Hubby and I went and price the wood and the owner chose the treated sheathing plywood.
Note:  Don't buy sheathing plywood but buy cabinet grade plywood wood. It is a little heaver but much better quality with no knot holds too.

We brought home the wood and as you can see it has a lot of  knot holds. Not good!!!
I love wood and I love these beautiful pattern in the knot holds but for a mural it is not good but hubby and I give the owner a chose of what wood he wanted to buy. 
My word to you is don't give them a lot of chose's. Save your self the headache.    

I had to fill in every knot hold and the sides with wood putty. You might be asking your self why wood putty?
Will knot holds will dry and sometime down the road fall out and ruin your mural. Believe me you don't want that happening to all your hard work.

Once I let the putty dry overnight, I gesso the putty with one coat and again let dry for 30 mins. The next step is to sand, I recommend using a sander to save your hands and arms.

Once all the sanding was done (thank you son for all your help) it is on to the next step. Paint the front,back and sides of the board. Just like my canvas I like to tint my board. So I choose a color that I felt would be good to work with. 

After all of this then I stated to transfer some of my drawing on to the wood panels... But that will come in a other blog at other time. So stay tune...

      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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