Monday, September 14, 2015

1963 Ford Falcon

Howdy and Welcome to my blog.

Sorry I have not been on here. It has been hot and humidity here in Texas. So I have been staying inside painting.
Now that it seems to be cooling down I will be outdoors painting again. YEY!!!

Will since I was coop up in my house I has stated other car painting.

This gem of a car is a 1963 Ford Falcon that belongs to the own of Pop's Burger Stand in Waxahachie, Texas.

A lot of folks ask me how do I start a painting and what tricks do I use to create it. 

First of all I would tell you to get your drawing skills down first.  
Next draw out your subject on a drawing pad. (I like did here. I liketo use a B-2 or B-4 pencil and rule when ever possible.) 

As you can see here in my drawing. I left the lines (on purpose)  so that you can see how I work out my drawing. 

Once I have work out all the bug in my drawing I will trace over it. Some artist feel that this is cheating but I would say to you, "How is it cheating when it is your original drawing that you traced".
As you can see my tracing paper was a tad short so I add other sheet.

Here I have cover the back of the sheet with graphite so that I can trace it onto my canvas.
 Always make sure you tape your tracing paper to what ever you want to draw on. 

Now that I have all the lines drawn in, the trunk of the car looked to short so I add just a tad more trunk to my drawing. (This I will regret down the road.) 

Here I started with Cad Red and I like to use making tape to get my line start

Here I have adding my shadows. (for my shadows I added Cad Red and a touch of brown)  

Here you can see the trunk is just to long and before I can go any further with the painting, I have to do my home homework and make some new adjustment, which I do. 
After shorting the truck, I had to thin down the arrow on the side of the car, adjust the front and back window, front & back bumper, and the hood of the car.

This is the finial painting. 
Because I was willing to take the time to make some adjustment to my painting I got to sell this beauty to the owner of the car plus he also bought two other truck painting that I had done too. 


      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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