Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My walk with Plein Air

  Howdy and Welcome to my blog.  

I want to talk a little more about my walk with Plein Air.  

I have watch hours of Plein Air on YouTube, read books, talk to artist but never really got what it's like to paint as an Plein Air until I moved to Texas. 

When I live in Southern California I join a Plein Air group and got a taste of the life style but obligation with family and gas prices kept me from leaving my studio.   
Since we have move to Tx I have join other Plein Air group and again got the taste of the life style as a Plein Air artist. 

I have found that you can watch all the YouTube video, read  all the books, talk to all the artist you can but never really experiences the sun on your face or rain, the wind in your hair, the view a head of you, all the colors that you don't see in a photo, the smells in the air, the bug bits, the birds singing their songs, etc...

Oh it is like being in other world that only you and your creator are experiencing at that moment.

Here are a few of my Plein Air painting.

This one I painted in April at the Bluebonnet Park in Ennis, Tx 
I sat at a picnic table to paint with a black bird call a Crackle
 dancing around me looking for something to eat while a cool breeze came thru the trees and kept us cool.

This painting I did in May in a little town call Maypearl, Tx. I had gotten all of my gear pack and ready (so I thought) the night before and loaded it all up in my car but when I got to the place I wanted to paint I found out that I had forgotten some of my gear back home but I learn to made the best of it. 
That day the wind started blowing around noon and the sun was in my eyes most of the time that I was painting but again I made the best of it.

This is the Historic Waxahachie Cemetery. I had spent the day painting around town and by the time I got here my arms and face was burnt and I was getting bit by bugs left and right. 
The wind and rain was starting to roll in I had to pack up all my gear. Once I moved into my car to paint I found that my view had change so I had to move up to other cemetery road to paint and this is what I found.

This painting is from my car. 
Oh what a challenge it was to paint in my car but fun. 

Now during this time I had did something that most beginners Plein Air artist would not do. I had sign up to place my art work into a jury show that had Signature artist, Masters, International artist and then their is little old me beginner. 

What I had found out is that these artist are the most friendly, supportive, informative, and with everyone I meet they would always find the positive in each others work including mine.     

Here are some of the painting that I place in the jury show  

If you have ever thought of trying Plein Air than I would tell you to 'Go For It'. There is nothing like it. 

      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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