Thursday, June 11, 2015

Museum of California Missions

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Will even thou it is still Spring it feels more like Summer here in Waxahachie Texas with the tempt in the high 90's. I am finding out that as I am get older my body dose not deal with the heat like it use too, so for me this is the best time to kick on the air conditioner and head in my studio to paint... 

For sometime now I have been wanted to paint all historical 21 Ca Missions. I did start painting a few but because of family obligations I never fulfilled that dream until this last month when I pick up my brush and started painting the missions again.  

This painting is where the first mission of Ca was started. To learn more about the first mission go too:  And  
A few years ago I painted the the Junipero Serra Museum in Presidio Park in San Diego, Ca. but I knew I could do better. So I waited and learn and then came the day that I would try again. 

Stage 1. I tented my 8" X 10" stretch canvas a light gray. Next I sketch in my drawing... I paint with Acrylic so my sky is a mixture of Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White... Next the dome is Titanium White with a touch of Ultramarine Blue... The building is again Titanium White with a tad of Yellow Oxide as well as the arches. The dark area is a tad of Ultramarine Blue and Ivory Black.

Stage 2. Here in the inside of the arches I lay a pal blue background that I use for the sky... In the walk way I painted a layer of Naphthol Crimsom while adding touches of Burnt Umber. While the paint was still wet I blended the two with out losing the brown in the red. Always put your darkest to the back (more brown and less red) and work  your way forward brighten up your walkway with more red and less brown... the trees I put a base of Burnt Umber, next I add a touch of Ultramarine Blue to the tree, then I added a touch of Titanium White to Burnt Umber and again a touch of Ultramarine Blue to add to the tree once again building up the bark of the tree. Remember that trees are not just brown, white or yellow but they have different colors in them... The bushes, ground and the leaves on the tree I put a base of Sap Green and let it dry. Next I took Ultramarine Blue and Cad Yellow Medium to make different colors of green. For a high light I added Cad Yellow Medium straight from the tub. Remember to leave sky holds in your tree... 

Stage 3. Here you can see inside the arches. I use the same color as the sky but I darken the first arch and as I went down I just keep lighting them up... I added the second tree to the right side of the painting and add high lights to the main trees but something was not right but what? Not until I took a photo of the painting did the light bub go on...Can you see what I did wrong? 

I had make a rookie mistake and I could not believe I made it...

If you look I have two light source ( Go up to the last pick to see). The doom and the trees.  
Stage 4. Here I have the light source coming from the Right.  
Stage 5. When it should be coming from the Left. 
So I had to darken my large trees with Sap Green to push them back into the shadows while my small tree is in the light. I also had to change the light source on the doom. as you see here.I also added some more shadows on the building and straighten out the building just a tad. 

Stage 6.
Here is my finish painting {.*u*.}

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