Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Page 5 - Get Some New Ideas

                    Howdy and welcome to my blog. 

Page 5 - Get Some New Ideas

I get ask all the time as to how do I set up my booth or space? 

Where do you get your ideas? 

Will I get my ideas by...

* Meeting other artist and take a look at how they have their space/booth set up - Get ideas!

* Don't be afraid to as question. Most artist will be more than happy to share where they get there supplies. 

* If you see something that you would like to use in your space/booth,  ask the artist if you could have a sample. (IE take a photo of the space/booth, card, flyer, etc.)  Nine times out of ten the artist will help you out.
That's what I did for this price card that an artist made. 

* When you are on the net or a Magazine take a good look at how they have thing set up. Get some idea!

      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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