Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Page 3 - Presentation

                           Howdy and welcome to my blog. 

Page 3  - Presentation

* Always try to place your art work next to each other. For your art work should show type of style and creativity.

* Your booth  space should look artistic/ creative. And remember to NOT put out all your art work out at one time but always have some works put a side for when you sell a piece you can replace it with other piece of art work.

* Once you set up your space/booth DO NOT move it around but leave it alone! I have seen artist do this and I have heard customer say thing like Rookie, They must not be confident in their booth / work, Lets just past them up, Late comes, and so on. This did not look good for them and folks did avoid them that day.    

* Always have your space/booth inviting and open , not clutter.

* If you have prints of your work place them in bins so that folks can easily rummage through them.

 * Make sure you label each print with name, medium, size and cost. 

            I have place a sample for you to see what I do. I sell                                     two different sizes of print 

* If  you decide to sale greeting card then you should start placing them in a nice basket or a small bin with a sign on how much they cost.

* Never place your art work on a bear table but place some table cover on your table. Make sure that your table covers go all the way down to the floor so that you can store your bins and items under the table.

* If you can't find a long tablecloth than you can use a nice flats bed sheet, king or queen will do nicely.

Just remember that your space/booth represents you and your creativity.

      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


I am deeply grateful for your support, comments and 
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It means a lot to me.

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If you have friends who would be interested in my

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