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Page 1 - For the Beginner Vendor

                             Howdy and welcome to my blog. 

I get ask a lot by new artist on what they should bring to an art show?, What is the do's and don'ts of being a vendor? What kind of supplies do they need to bring to the show ?, etc.

Well I was planning on writing a book about this but I think I go ahead and blog about it first. Anyone who would like to add to this blog with your ideas on what you bring or use please leave a comment so that we can all learn something new. 

This information is for the beginner vendor's and I will post them in a few blogs. But for the crafter, woodworker, quilters, stained glass/ glass workers, Jewelry worker, etc. can use this same setup just change it to suit your type of work.
Just remember to always make sure that all your artwork is ready to see to sell. If you are an painter make use that you have a good hanger on your painting or photo and add the name of the work, size, medium, and your copy-write (C) 

So let's get started.

First page.

Supplies you will need for your indoor/outdoor art show.

1.  10'x 10' Pop-Up tent or an EZ Up

2. Weight bag , milk jug with sand in them, sand bags for holding down your EZ Up.

3. Tables of diffident size.  I have two 6 ft and one 4 ft. Plus a small table which I use as an art table or I can place my cash box on.

4. Chairs - I always bring two, one for me and one for my assistant.

5. You will need some table easels for displaying your art work.

6. Matching tablecloths for your tables.

7. Business card and a holder. I have three, one for each table.

8. Some kind of a money box to keep your money in.

9. Receipt book and pen. 

Side note: When writing your sale slip ask your customer to fill out their name and address so you can send them a Thank You card.

10. Try to have  cards or flyers of your next show and or brochures telling something about your self and art work with a holder.

11. Label all your art work with a nice price tag.

12. Get your self a 1/2 inch notebook so that you can place a price list of all your work displayed for your self. This is great to have on hand when your price tag has gotten lost some where.

13. A small trash can for your trash and your customer. Put this out in the open when there is no trash can around you.

14. Some kind of a nice gift bag to place your sold art work in for your customer.

Side note: I was at a show and a vendor had bought some recycle bags to put different sizes of art work in. Just make sure they are nice.

15. Always have water to drink and a snack or lunch with you.

16. You can buy or make a square grid to hang your art work on.

17. Some bins to carry your artwork in 

18.One good dolly to carry your art stuff on. 

19. A small First Aid Kit.

20. And a small miscellaneous kit which I will talk about in chapter 8

21. What to do after a show.

      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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