Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Plein Air Setup

                            Howdy and welcome to my blog. 

I had a few folk ask me this past weekend, "What is Plein Art? 
Plein Air is a French word for painting out doors or out side. 

Next I got the question "What do you take with you when you go out to paint Plein Air?"

That is a good question. So I made up a list of what I carry when I go out to Plein Air.

Just note that this list mite sound like a lot of stuff but really you or your painting buddy will need it at some point in time in your travel. I know my did... (*u*)

I must put this side note in that I am a Acrylic Artist and this set up is for just that but what ever your medium is you can make adjustment.

Plein Air Painting Checklists:

1. Easel(I like to use The Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box with a Tripod & I add a guerrilla painter tripod stone bag as well

2. Brushes quality bristle brushes including flats, brights, and filberts. a range of sizes for painting small, including two of each with size ranging from #2 through #8.

3. Razor Blades or a scraper to remove the paint from my glass palette.  

4. Sketching Materials - Sketch Pad, Pencils (with sharpener/ place a in a snack bag to catch the shaving.) and Eraser:  take a small 5″ x 7″ sketch pad or smaller with medium 2B graphite pencil.

5. Paint - what ever colors you use most of.
(I carry mind in a old small tackle box) 

6. A small spray bottle of water

7. Clear Gesso(this helps keeps my paint wet plus helps blend my paint as well.)
8. A jar to wash out your brushes. Size to suit artist. Also I carry a small jar of clean water. (I use this to add to my paint when needed), I also carry a discarding container to put your dirty acrylic water into while on the field. You don't want to pour anything on anyone's property. Discard of your waste properly when you return home.

9. Palette (I like to use a wet palette or a glass palette.)

10. Paper Towel (Lots of paper towels) 

11. Canvas Boards or Canvases (small to medium size)

12. Compass (never had to use one but it is good to have if you like to go off the beaten path.) 

13. A Level -The tiny level assures that your canvas or paper is straight on the easel plus your easel too.

14. Earplugs are for those windy days or noisy streets. 

15. Some water to drink (don't rinse your brushes in it! and pack a lunch/snacks)

16. Tissues are great to have along as well. Either you or your painting buddy certainly need one. Also important are band-aids or a small first aid kit.

17. Whistle when  painting alone or with a friend; if we ever get lost, we can blow away and be heard by at least someone.

18. Carrying Bag -Your wheels are critical. Be sure you have large enough wheels to go over rougher terrain. (use the Art Comber with a portable Chair.  


20. A small amount of Cash/Credit Card

21. Small and medium bungee cord.

23. Keys(always carry an extra of car keys on you just in case you lock your car with your keys in them.) 

24. Chap-stick and hand lotion (I carry these in my painting apron)

25. Light wt. Jacket and a heavy jacket for cold days or nights.

26. Flash light with battery 

27. UMBRELLAS - painting umbrellas. A second umbrellas is a regular rain umbrella. Today, these are lightweight and extremely compact. Just be sure it's sturdy for high-wind situations.

28. Plastic Raincoat(the dollar store kind just in case you get rain on)

29. Brush Holders with Claps

30. Rubber gloves to paint with.

31. A Trash Bags to put rubbish in, such as dirty pieces of paper towel. A large plastic bag can be useful as an emergency rain shield too.

32. Baby wipes to clean your hands with.

33. Electronic Gadgets: Cell phone, camera to take reference photos of what u paint, a small radio to plug your self into.

34. A Portable Seat (if you don't have the Art Comber with a portable Chair.)
35. A tarp to cover the ground when painting on a side walk, etc.

36. Painting Apron(light color) 

37. A back pack to place some of your gear in that dose not fit in your Art Comber or what ever you decide to use

38. Miscellaneous Stuff: bug spray, sun screen, cortizone stick, band-aids, tape and a Dorky hat.  Also, Neutral Clothes to limit reflected light, Long Pants depending on where you will be painting. This is particularly true when going into wooded areas. Be sure to tuck your pants into your socks or tape your pants around your ankles and make sure to do a complete "tick-check" after every trip.

Wear Shoes & Socks - Of all your wearable gear, your shoes must be well-fitted and good for walking long distances. Socks too, are a good idea as mentioned.

Dress in layers that you can easily take off as you get hot (and put on when it gets colder).

 If it's cold, take a windproof jacket as you may not be moving around much and a pair of finger-less gloves will helps you keep your fingers warm while still giving good motion and grip.

 BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS - Dress comfortably and for safety too.

      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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