Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to keep your paint wet?

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I have been ask alot by folks on how do I keep my acrylic paint moist or wet when painting PleinAir.

Well I will tell you, when I lay out my paints I place them in a home made wet palette that I made.
I like to use a Plein Air easel that has a galss palette that I can mix my paint on. With my home made wet palette  I can place my paint and keep them nice an moist.

Now you mite be saying to your self, "J.D. how can I make a home made wet palette?"

Well you can get an old rubber maid with or without a top (without a lid you will need to place the rubber maid in a plastic bag) and I line mine with four or five sponges (cut to fit), next I lay two paper towels on top of the wet sponges, next I place a couple of sheets of parchment or wax paper (I buy mind at the 99 cent store) to lay my acrylic paints on.

Once my paint are all lay out I will place a drop or two of clear gesso to help keep my paint creamy but if I find that my paints need a boost of moisture I will spray them with my water bottle, just enough to wet them again.

Note: if you don't won't to make a home made wet palette you can buy a wet palette with a sponge at Jerry

And rememer any left over paint you can keep it in your wet palette for a few days but it is best to place in your freeze to keep longer.

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