Friday, September 5, 2014

Guess What? (*u*)

                                         Welcome to my blog. 

I have been giving this a long and hard thought about posting this but if I am to move forward while leaving my old life and bad feel about what folks have told me about being an artist since I was a child.

This little post said it all and if I hurt anyone feeling I am truly sorry. I am just an artist try to find my way in this crazy art world while exploring different medium that I have always want to try since I was a young girl.

Now with that said I got an email the other day and hear is what it said, 

Hello JD,

Just to let you know that I have included your painted goose egg in my article in the PMP magazine this quarter, as an example of particularly creative art.  I hope that's OK.  Sorry, I didn't have time to ask your permission between the submission deadline and going on holiday.  I hope you will be pleased, but if you would prefer it to be removed, I will ask the editor.

If you haven't seen it already, the link to the magazine is on the home page of PMP :

All the best.


WOW!!! I am so jazz and honored that they would have thought of me. If it was not for my friend Laura Moore and her pic of "Moonlight over Canada" that I had seen a couple of years ago on her site, I don't think I would be were I am at today as an artist. Ever time I pick up a brush I had to fight hard my past memory but now I am finding that those screaming voices are now little whisper and I am truly finding my self for once.   

 When I saw "Moonlight over Canada" I knew that I want to paint it but I want to also try something new. After seeing other artist create works of art with eggs I got a goose egg and try my hand at paint one which lead me into painting ornaments as will. But I found out that if I keep worry about what folks would think, say or the lost of some of my friends/family members I would not be in this month magazine today. 

Side note: Laura and I are on page 34  

So with all this said I am truly honored that PMP Magazine would think that my simple creation is worth being place in their magazine. 

      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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