Monday, July 21, 2014

Road Trip, Painting and Consignment

Welcome to my blog. 

A few months ago hubby and I bought a other 5th Wheel 
(this one is a brand new 38' ft, 3 slides, Sundance 5th Wheel by Heartland) out on the road trip with hubby parents to Dos Picos Country Park in Ramona, Ca. 

              My father-in-law love going to this camp site

And I must say it was a nice relaxing get away and a great time to get some Plein Air time too. 

On Saturday around 10:00 am I pull out my painting gear and was going to paint this tree stub  
                         This pic was taken 2 years ago
     But when I went around the side of the our 5th Wheel I saw was a sea of tents and right next to us was a these tents.

       O' the memory that flooded my mind and heart of when I was a child and all the family camping events that we spent all summer long. I knew that I had to paint this so I set up     my gear and to my surprise my mother-in-law, father-in-law and hubby set up chairs behind me as I started to paint. 

        This was the first stage of my painting before we broke                                                     for lunch.  

         After lunch I painted the some more of the back ground                                            and the ground.

                             Now I am laying in the shadow 

Here is the finish painting 

I love to painted with extremely thick paint and palette knife, the
resulting image is full of texture, color and movement!

Later on that same day the hold family went up to Julian  for some apple pie. Can u believe I have been coming up to the little Mining town of Julian for the last 8 years and never had their famous Apple Pie. Shame on me. 

Well I stop in at a local Artists and consignment shop just to take a look and before I knew it I was talking shop (Art) and the lady (owner) ask if I would like to place some of my artwork in her shop. Yes!!!

Than again a few weeks later I went into a new gallery in town where I live just to take a look and before I knew it again I was talking shop (Art) and the owner ask if I would like to place some of my artwork in her shop.  I jump to that right away...

Plus I did an art show this month (July) at the Edward Dean Museum and one of the workers there ask if my son (he creates writing pens) if he would be interested in placing some of his pen in the gift shop on consignment ...

WOW  What a summer!!!! 

 This got me thinking, I am going to have to start carrying a  photo book again of my art work and my son pen's so I can show folks what type of work we do and find out what pieces they want. For it is a pain to have to carry a tub of work in and let them pick and choose. 

So my suggestion to anyone with a dream and a passion, carry a photo book, drawing pad, writing pad, etc to show folks what your dream is all about.   

      Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless


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