Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keeping track of where your art work is place...


Last couple of month and this month as well has been a busy months for me. Around Feb I decided to get out of the boat (my comfort zone)  and start placing my art work around town like Coffee Cafe, Art Assoc Galleries, Jury Shows, Restaurant, etc.

But I have found that I could not remember or keep up with all the places that my art work is at. Plus I could not remember what art work I had place in a Jury show the year before. So this year I have come up with a plan... 

You crafters can use this same idea, just tweak it a little. It will work for you too. 

I always keep a journal of my art work. 

File No:__(Here I give each painting a no.) ___

Size:     "X   " 


Date Completed:_______________

City & State:__________________________
(I do this so I know what state I painted the art work in) 

Price: $_______

Sold too:________________________________


But what about the places that I hang my art work?

Just like my art journals I have taken a book and place all the info that I need when I go hang at a Coffee Cafe,Art Assoc, Galleries, Jury Shows, Restaurants, etc.

This is what the page look like: 

Name of place:______________________________ 

Take In:_________________ 

Artwork Name:

1.Name: ___________________________________

       Accepted _____ Not Accepted _____                                       
Size    "X   "  Medium:____________   Cost $ ______

Sold too: ___________________________________  


Date Removed __________

I have all ready found that this record keeping is really helps me keep track of where my art work is. Also I am hopping that when I participate in the same show(s) next year this will also help me to remember what I entered from the perverse year.  

Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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