Friday, March 21, 2014

Will I can't believe we are in spring already.

      Will I can't believe we are in spring already. 
  I have been busy painting and setting up shows,   entering Juried Art Exhibit, Galleries and I even have                  added Coffee Shops to my list

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I want to share two of my most recent painting that I have just finish this month.

 This is one of the first painting that I did of a truck back in 02/2012 but I was not satisfied for I knew that there was something missing but I told my self that it was a folk art to pass it off in my mind. 

Now in 2014 I have came back to the same painting but this time I use my trusty palette knifes and every little brush strokes. 

I payed close attendant to where the shadows fall on the truck and mix several red's to orange to give it that rustic look.  

This reference photo that I used by Darrin O Swait was from my favorite site "Paint my Photo".

 Paint My Photo (PMP) is for the sharing of reference photos for creating derivative Artwork...without copyright worries. 


The next painting that I have been wanting to do is one that I did in Feb 2014 with the PAAR (Plein Air Artists of Riverside) Annual 9th-Day Paint Out which the event was call "REFLECTIONS" at the Historic Fairmount Park, Ca.

On day 6th of the painting event we were schedule to paint at the White Bridge at Fairmount Lake.

When I first saw this little white bridge with the little stream that feeds the Fairmount Lake running under the bridge and over the rocks, I ready like the look of it. So I set up my gear and I began to paint but I soon found that I was chasing the shadows in the morning light. Not good...

So I started to paint the water, trees and rocks but was getting a little frustrated with my self because I was try to do this painting all with a brush and not my palette knife. I told my self that I would need to come back and finish the bridge and the over all of the painting at a later date. 

That was a good thought but I care for my two grand kids and it is hard to get a way.

Well this week I place my painting on my easel and decided to turn it from a plein air painting to a studio painting.

I had to go from memory of that day but as you can see I took my trusty palette knifes and started to painted. I recreated the shadow on the White Bridge and added more color to the rocks, water and ground, plus as and addition to the painting I added moss and hanging palm leaves. 

Well you mite be asking yourself, "How did u paint on that mat?" Let me give you a trick of the trade that most folks don't know about, I learn this back in the 70's and I love doing a painting in this style...

To give a canvas a boarder look, I first paint my canvas with a under paint of acrylic like light yellow, pink, gray. etc as u can see here in the photo. I next tape off the size I want my painting to be (I am talking about the inside). Next I will paint the color I want mine boarder to be. In the photo I painted my board white... Once the board is dried remove the duck tape and re-duck tape the board like I did in the photo. Now you are ready to paint your scene. Once you have completed your painting take off the duck tape. You can now add some of the scene onto the boarder. 

Now you have a painting that is a real eye catcher.  

          Well I hope this little tidbit gives you some                         new and refreshing ideas to paint.  

Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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