Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Canvas V Masonite Board

Today I would like to talk about the different traditional canvas that y'all can painting on and the one that I am using now.... 

I have been painting for years and I always use traditional pre-stretched & prime canvas  

prime canvas panels and 

Canvas paper.

But after I have lost some of my painting due to wind teaching my painting to fly, having my painting falling from my cart to the ground, and just plain traveling with my canvas from site to site this is what sometimes happen. 

I was so frustrated that I started using prime canvas panels but I did not like them either for if ya got your panel wet, than ya would have a warped  & ruin painting. 

So I went on the net to see what the plein air artist used to paint on but what I found was it is just a preference with each artist.  

But with some artist like Roger Bansemer of "Painting and Travel" shows for PBS he uses Masonite board while he travels .

Here is a youtube video where Roger Bansemer talks about Canvas V Masonite Board

If you have watch Roger Bansemer video, he said that he like to uses prime Masonite board.  I don't.

 When I went to Home Dept I bought a large Masonite board .115"x48"x96" and had them cut it into 4 sheets. Then later when we got home I had my hubby cut several 
11"x 14", 8"x 10", 5"x 7" and 3"x 4 for a total of 42 pieces for just under $14.00 Now y'all can't beat that. (*v~)

After my hubby cut the board I lightly sand the edges 

and then I gesso my board three and sand them to take any rough edges.

I then went out and painted but found that my paint was removing the gesso on my board and was leaving a gritty feel to my paint. But I continue to paint and as I build up a foundation on my painting I began to think, "what if I tint my board"? Hummmmmm?

So I went home from my paint out with the girls and the next day I went back to my studio to prepare more Masonite board to paint on, but this time I place 4 coats of gesso and 1 to 2 coats of a tint color like 

dark gray, 

light gray

 and a light pink tint.

Now u mite be asking yourself, "Why are you adding tint to your canvas"? Well that's a good question and I'm glad y'all ask. I like to add some color so that when I paint I don't see a white canvas and it gives some nice color to my background.

Try it ya mite be surprise how your painting glow...

Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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