Friday, October 18, 2013

Plein Air @ the Oak Glen Old School House Museum & Park

 The other day I went to my first Plein Air workshop with Sharon Rachal who is an award winning artist, author and demonstrator. 
I had gotten up early that morning and had my mom watch the grand babies so that I could meet everyone up at the Oak Glen Old School House Museum and Park to paint.

I was sooooooooo excited to be here and to learn some tricks of the trade of plein air. And believe me as a studio painter painting outdoors is a lot different than painting in a studio. 

Everyone who was there was from Sharon Rachal class and I was the odd ball out in left field not sure how she teaches or even her style of painting. But I had to remind myself that my major goal for this year and next year too is to become more confident with plein air. So I buckle down and we all found our places and set up and started painting. 
(I am on the right side of the pic, I am the one sitting down at my art table)  

I started off doing good until it came to painting the rock on the schoolhouse building...When I'm in my studio I will paint each individual rock but being out door you are to give the look with only a few rocks. So I try to paint rocks and I tried and I tried and I tried to wear I was going to give up and just enjoy the view. But Sharon Rachal came over to me and ask if she could show me a trick or two and I jump to the offer. She sat down in front of my painting and show me how to paint what looks like a rock. 

   And after watching her for a moment the dud dud hit me and I was back to my painting quickly. By 3:30 pm we started to wrap up things but I still need to finish my painting. 

So the next day I was back at it again adding little touches like the rail, steps, walkway, more color to the trees, clouds and the fallen tree leaves. 

I can't wait to go out again for it really does help u to see color, shapes and beside u get to go to places that u would have never gotten out to see. 

 Until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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