Sunday, September 8, 2013

5th - 10th days of the 30 Days Challenge

 Now I am on my 5th - 10th  painting of the 30 paintings in 30 Days Challenge being hosted by Leslie Seata.

This is a good challenge and one that I am going to have to train my self to do, for I do not complete a painting in one day nor do I paint on a daily bases ether. But if I'm going to call my self a God given artist than I need to seeing Gods world with new eyes.

On day 5 and 6 of the challenge I was planning on painting some fruit but then I found this painting of Mission San Diego de Alcala that I had started to paint. I had decided sometime ago to paint all 21 Californian Mission. So hubby and I started to visit the Californian Mission and I would come home and prep canvases for painting and place it on a shelve. 
So after sometime I found them again and now I am back to painting them. This painting I have done with a palette knife, for it is so much easier on my hand.

 Mission San Diego de Alcala 
                                                             8"x 10" on stretch canvas 
 Unframed and  shipped at $200.00
  This is available for purchase.

I want to capture the old style of painting that the artist did back in the 1800's. 
This was the first Mission of the 21 California Missions and if it was not for this Mission California would not be here today.


                                                                Mentone Orange                  
                                                            5" X 7" on canvas pane
 Unframed and shipped at $165.00
  This is available for purchase.

For day 7 of the challenge I couldn't resist painting one of my favorite memories...  
The background is something new and playful for me. The orange is from Mentone,Ca. My daddy use to take us to Mentone all the time to visit family and friends. 


            Two Cherries           
 5" X 7" on canvas pane
    Unframed and shipped at $165.00
       This is available for purchase.

Day 8 of the challenge - I did a drawing of two cherries
with colored pencils years ago and I wanted to create this in a painting but I would have to go by memory.  I did it! 


                                                             Sunset after the rain              
                                                            5" X 7" on canvas pane
 Unframed and shipped at $165.00
  This is available for purchase.

Day 9 of the challenge - This past month and this month as will, we have been having a lot of rain clouds but no rain until the other day when we had a huge down pour. 

What a sight to see.

  In the evening we can see some of Gods most beautiful sunset in So CA. 

This painting is done with a palette knife. 


                                                                    The Cherry Tree 
                                                              5" X 7" on canvas pane
 Unframed and shipped at $165.00
  This is available for purchase.

Day 10 of the challenge - I decided to do paint other painting of cherries but this time I wanted them hanging on a tree limb. This painting is half  palette knife and half brush.


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Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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