Tuesday, September 17, 2013

11 th - 15th days of the 30 Days Painting Challenge

 Wow I can't believe I painted 10 painting out of the 30 for the 30 Days Challenge hosted by Leslie Seata.

Well this week I am finding it a little hard to get thing/painting done due to the death of my x-sister -in-law (she died Sept 2, 2013) and with my brother sick in his head this has sent him over the eage. So now I have to dig up all kind of past info so I can help him (let tell the truth I have to do all the work because he can any more) and I have moved some time ago so i don't know were it all is. So I have to start from scrach. Yuck! I do not like this type of paper work.

Beside my sweet hubby going in for gall stone surgery on Friday the 13, (we don't believe in bad luck, black cat, etc) and they are pretty big. So with that said I continue with the painting challenge and I painted no.# 11-15 and here they are: 

                                        This is my 11th painting of the 30 days challenge. 
 This little painting is a 4"X 4" box canvas that I did Thursday while my hubby was at the doctor before surgery. I fell back into painting a folk art style of painting that I done with a palette knife...

This is the side view of the painting.

                                                     4" X 4" on Box Canvas with stand
 Unframed and shipped at $45.00
  This is available for purchase.


A watercolor journal painting is my topic for my number 12 in the challenge.

On  day 12 of the challenge I went out with some ladies and a young man on a plein air paint out in Redlands Ca. and I thought I would bring home a plein air painting that I did but found my self watching some of the ladies paint in watercolor for my heart was not into due to the stress with my brother and my sweet hubby going in for surgery on Friday the 13, (we don't believe in bad luck, black cat, etc).

So when I got home I went back to 
Leslie Seata blog and read that we are to challenge our self's to try different things. Hummmm? I'll pick up watercolor again and give it a try. 

Here is a page from my Travel Journal that I painted today. I am starting off small and will work my way up to big paintings. Ha-Ha


                     Here is another Watercolor Journal Painting is my topic for my number 13
 in the challenge.


This is my 14th painting of the 30 days challenge.

After a day with hubby at the hospital for his surgery on Friday the 13th. Today while he is sleeping I pick up my palette knife and a 5" X 7" canvas panel and painted Three Tulips. I still feel a little out of my game but love the bright colors and it feels good to just let my self go and be free again.  

Three Tulips
                                                             5" X 7" on canvas pane
 Unframed and shipped at $165.00
  This is available for purchase.


This is my 15th painting of the 30 days challenge. 

 Today I started this 8"X 10" stretch canvas painting of the Mission San Luis Rey de Francía. I did not get to far with this one but at lease I got to paint. I think I will  
not rush this one for I want to do it justice.

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Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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