Monday, August 12, 2013

I learn from my mistakes

Today I would like to tell y'all about something that happen to 
me the other day.

On July 27, 2013 VQ had a information booth at the Car Show at Law's Coffee Shop in Oak Glen, Ca.

 Tina & I were working the booth that day.
The original plan was that Kit and I were going to paid for a booth of your own and Tina would work the VQ information booth but after talking to Tina we decided to just save the money and put some of our art work in VQ information booth and work from there for sales and exposure. (more exposure than sales) 

That sound good to me. (This is me doing the Happy Dance)

 So on Fir I needed to pack my car and I was wondering how I was going to get my stuff from my car to the booth since I was coming in a little later from set up time. Then I came up with a good idea just to fine out later it was a bomb.

When I first started working art showing/events my hubby would go with me to support me, help me set up and make sure I would not chicken out.  Now that I have some miles under my belt hubby still support me and helps me set up but when it comes to little shows like this one, he stays home and I am on my own.

 I am fine with that. 

So the day before the show I go thought everything I have and I choose what I want to bring, pack it in a bin, grab my French Easel, chair, small table and my paintings, one of which is  'Potato Canyon Old Barn' and my son pens

He creates one of a kind writing pens plus other things.

 Next I test out my idea to see if I can carry everything in one trip or will I need to make two trips? I tested it out and everything seem to work out fine and I can make one trip. Yea!!! So I pack the car...

Now it is the next day and I am showered and the car is pack so I am ready to roll.

I drove up to Law's Coffee Shop in Oak Glen to find out that I had to park a little ways away from the Car Show.

OK no problem I had figure that out already. What I did not plan on was the side of the road being so rocky and the parking lot being the same.

So I pack my stuff up and started to hoof
it up the hill.

My gear got heavy real fast and before I knew it a

 rock got caught in my wheel and down my gear went. So what's a girl to do but pick up, dust off and move on. When I got to the parking lot I was tired and now looking for VQ booth when again other rock get's stuck in my wheel and my gear goes tumbling down.

At this point I feel like the devil is eating my lunch and I am thinking to my self "Is this worth it?" Then all of a sudden this man appears out of know where and ask if he could help me. Well at this point I am not going to say No. 

 This man which I will name him Michael put my gear back together and he pull my gear for me while I looked for VQ booth. As we walked up the hill we talked about heaven and how we are both looking forward to going home one day. 

Michael did not have to help me but I am so glad he did, for he made my load easer and I enjoyed our talk also.

We found VQ booth and I thank him for all his help and as soon as I took my eyes off of him to tell Tina that I was going to set up and when I looked back he was gone like a flash.

 I was a little puzzle but need to unpack so I started unpacking my paintings  and guess what? My painting of 'Potato Canyon Road Old Weather Barn' had got torn in three different places. 

 This must have happen when it took a tumble. 

 As Tina and I looked at my painting half of me wanted to throw in the towel an just start crying and the other half of me said "that's OK ya can painting other and this time it will come out ever better. (I went with this thought)

I put the painting back in the bag and finish setting up. We had a great time but it was a lot work for little money but the exposure was good to get our names out there.

 Besides there was a lady scouting out vendors for other show and I was ask if I would like to be apart of it. I took the paper but I must say that I am thinking about it for it is other car show.

When the day came to an end and the cars show cars stated to drive away.  I has happy to be going home too. For I was wipe out from being on the go all week with doctors, meetings, housework, grand babies, church event and church, paperwork, lack of sleep, etc.

 Now I am working on a new painting that reminds me of a puzzle but that is for other blog time... 

Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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