Friday, June 21, 2013

Two new paintings

In April I had started a new painting from a photo of an abandon boat while I was at the Oak Glen art show. I had set up to plein air the photo but found out quickly that I still need to work on my set up some more.

This is the photo that I use for my painting. I got this photo from "Painting my Photo" by Clare Buchta. I love painting old abandon boats for they still have a story to tell and it is up to you to figure out the story.


I had never work with a palette knife but always wanted to learn so while at Oak Glen I started this painting

 This is a 12"X12" Box Canvas and the beginning of a Palette Knife Acrylic Painting

 After the show I put away the painting until June 4 when I pull it out and started back up to painting it again. This is what I posted on FB..."Will I am back in my little kitchen studio painting today an dose it feel good. This is the painting that I am working on. The last time I work on this one was up at the Oak Glen art show this past April. But I am doing something a little different this time. I am going to paint this painting with a palette knife and maybe add a little bit of some paint brush stokes if any. Will post a new pic ready soon..." 


I did not like how I started the sky so I change it and added some clouds, reworked the boat and lay down the foundation for the beach. I am loving how the paint flows w/ my palette knife.
Next I decided to change the color of the sky and make it a little more darker almost like a storm is coming and the water is starting to become choppy.

Here u can see I have added some plants and texture to the sand and added the planks to the boat. This painting is 95% palette knife and 5% brush.
 I am calling this one "Abandonment", it is a 12"X12" Box Canvas - Palette Knife Acrylic Painting and it is for Sale.

I also started a new 5"x5" painting of a little sea scape from "Paint my Photo. Sorry I do not know Photographer.

 I am posting the different stages of this little painting that I did.

Here is the photo that I painted from.
At this stage I place base color to cover the white  canvas and I stated to painted the sea/water.

Here I place the sky in and the shadow on the ground.  
Here is a side view
Now I have added the grass, the waves and more shadows  
Here is a other side view of the finish painting.
 I am calling this little 5"x5" Palette Knife Acrylic Box Canvas Painting "Spring Sea Grass". This one also is a 95% palette knife and 5% brush and it is for Sale.

Next month I will be at the Edward  Dean Museum art show, 9401 Oak Glen Road, Cherry Valley, Ca  on July 21, 2013   Come on out and say Howdy and while your there, stop on over to Oak Glen and have some yummy apple pie.

Also I will be at the Yucaipa-Calimesa Rotary Annual Car Show and Art Show will be at Law's Coffee Shop in Oak Glen on Saturday, July 27  from 7am to 3pm. Hope to see ya there.

Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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