Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Follow up with ur customer

     I have a question, "When u make a sale do ya ever send out Thank You cards, post cards or Thank You emails to everyone who bought your creations?

    I do! I well send out Thank You cards, Postcards or emails when I make a sale on my son writing pens, my greeting cards, bookmarkers, artwork, etc. at every art shows, personal sale and net sale.

    This just makes good business sense and y'all are making the customer or client feel important in their eyes too. 

    You mite be asking your self  "J.D. how do u get the customer or client address? Well I'm glad y'all ask.

    I have a sign in book that people can put their name, address, and email to be but on my newsletter. But if I make a sale I have the new customer or client write on the sale slip their name, address, and email address.

    Once I have a email address I well place it on my contact list so when I write my newsletter letting folks know about up and coming art shows, juried and art exhibitions, any special that I have on my art work, I well send it out to them. Plus about every three months I well also post pictures of my new art work that is for sale too.

    So when u are going thought ur sale slips, remember to take a little time to send out a Thank You cards, post cards or even a Thank You emails to all ur customer or client for this is the most important tools y'all have at your finger tips.
    Now on other note: I have been thinking for a long time about writing a little home made book for call "Art Show for Beginners".

    It will be a book about all the do's and don'ts that I have gone plus I will have pictures and drawing of some illustration on how to set up your art booth, etc.     What do y'all think?

Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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