Friday, April 26, 2013

Wildlands Art Show up in Oak Glen

 On Saturday April 20th I had a booth up at the Wildlands Art Show up in Oak Glen, Ca. Hubby and I got up early and loaded the truck an by 7:30 am we were off. When we got to the Wildlands Conservancy they had just open up for all us artist to set up.

    This pic is of my artist friend Sharon Rachel of Rachel Art Center setting up for the show.

     As Hubby an I were setting up my booth I had found out that I had left some of my supplies at home. Thank God I live close to Oak Glen. I ask hubby if he would run back to the house and as he
left I could not help but think about what he always tells me what he dose when he has to go on a road trip for work and that is to do a per trip and post trip. But more on my next blog...

    This is my 2nd time  working this show and I learn to always paint a landscape of Oak Glen an place it up front in the boot so that it will draw folks on in. This is my newest the painting ...

    Potato Canyon Road Old Weather Barn

    Well it turn out to be a nice sunny day, lots of folks stop by to check out the art works and sale was really good...  VisionQuest had ask all the artist for the Wildlands Conservancy if any anyone would like to donate any works of art that cost $30.00 and all the money would go to the Wildlands Conservancy for their Art Program on the trail. Most of the artist did and I was one of them...

      Have y'all never Plein Air? Like me No! But I did do a palette knife painting on a 12"x 12" box canvas. This is how far I got only because I had to keep going back and forth from my easel to my booth to answer questions and sales.
      I will post next time the mistake I found and made in my 1st attempt of Plein Air... 


As the day went on we were even entertain by this little doge name Taz.
Later on in the day there was a lady who was going around checking out peoples booths and picking and choosing who she wanted to scout for the Huck Finn Jubilee event in June on Fathers Day weekend .
   Well she (the reciter) came to my booth and we talked about some of my art work and I show her some pic's of my other works of art that I do. She got excised and that seem to seal the deal for her to ask me to come and be apart of the event.
    When I first started working the art shows I was always told that I need to be apart of every art show that I could so that people could get to know me and see my work plus reciters are always going to shows and checking out artist works as well . Well it's true for I got scouted. Whoooohooooo! 
     Towards the closing of the art show the Wildlands Conservancy stared their drawing that the artist donated. Well off and on all day I had offer  people to come into my booth to get out of the hot sun for a few minutes. Without knowing it one of those people was a newspaper reporter who was reporting on the art show.  Well we got to talking about my art and why I sign my work as J.D. and the next thing I know she had ask me to stand next to my painting of the White & Purple Ruffle Iris that she really like so that she could take a picture for the local newspaper.

     WOW! What a great feeling that was. To have someone choose me over much better artist than I to take a pic with my work to be place in a newspaper. And to think I almost did not come due to the fact that I had been sick the week before...

     On my next blog I well tell y'all the things that I have learn and what I can to better. And remember that ya can take the info and change it to suit ur crafts and shows as well.

Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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