Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana ~ 94

  Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana  ~ 094

8"x10"  Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint on a stretch canvas  

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Will I have been continuing to paint the 21 California Historical Missions from my visits and here is other one of my California Mission painting.
I am happy to say that Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana is completed and it is the 17th mission founded in California and place on the California Historical Missions list.

Hubby and I went to Mission Hills, Ca. in 2012 while being on vacation. We stop at the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana  and I was a little surprise to see that it was enclosed with a wall and once we went inside it look like what I call a plain Jane mission.  Now don't get me wrong, it is nice but what really interested me was the park across the street. It was beautiful  and I could just imagine the mission life going on there.

Well hubby and I went in the mission and as we walked around we stumble a pone something that took us both by surprise.  In 2003 comedian Bob Hope was buried in the Bob Hope Memorial Gardens at the mission.

If y'all would like to know more about the history of Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana. Just go to this web site:

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