Saturday, March 23, 2013

Practices, Practices, Practices...

The other day I was looking on the net and watching Plein Air on You Tube when I kept coming across, How to draw, Keep drawing, The importance of drawing, etc. and what they all keep repeating is this, practices, practices, practices. 
Drawing is one of the most important skills to  an artist. With out the basic concepts and ideas of drawing along with good perspective we could not create art in any form.

We need to practices, practices, practices drawing every day to improve your technique and skills.

(Here is a 5"x7" drawing of a cat that I have started while waiting for my mom at the doctors office)

After watching a few videos I started to think when I was a little girl my mother taught me to embroidery and she had me practices, practices, practices until I could embroidery fine details.

Later my grandma and Aunt taught me how to crochet. My Aunt had me crochet with yarn and my grandma had me crocheting with fine thread. Again it was practices, practices, practices and now I can crochet fast and not look at my hand while I am crocheting but I do it all by touch now.

Also I can remember my Aunt teaching me how to sew, she had me start off with simple patterns and as I practices, practices, practices, I got better and got to moved onto much harder patterns. When I got into high school and had to take home mick, I was the one who was teaching some of the girls some trick of the trade and getting in trouble for it. Those were the days...

So know matter what your field of craft or hobby is, it is all about practices, practices, practices and y'all will be turning out master pieces that folks will enjoy for generations to come.

Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana ~ 94

  Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana  ~ 094

8"x10"  Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint on a stretch canvas  

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Will I have been continuing to paint the 21 California Historical Missions from my visits and here is other one of my California Mission painting.
I am happy to say that Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana is completed and it is the 17th mission founded in California and place on the California Historical Missions list.

Hubby and I went to Mission Hills, Ca. in 2012 while being on vacation. We stop at the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana  and I was a little surprise to see that it was enclosed with a wall and once we went inside it look like what I call a plain Jane mission.  Now don't get me wrong, it is nice but what really interested me was the park across the street. It was beautiful  and I could just imagine the mission life going on there.

Well hubby and I went in the mission and as we walked around we stumble a pone something that took us both by surprise.  In 2003 comedian Bob Hope was buried in the Bob Hope Memorial Gardens at the mission.

If y'all would like to know more about the history of Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana. Just go to this web site:

Well until next time, Happy Creating and God Bless

J.D. Fields of Art Work by Lady Bug

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Become a creative business person

The other day I was reading one of our local newspaper call the VALLEY MESSENGER. My friend Sharon Rachal wrote an article call 'Become a Creative Business Person' and this is what she wrote. (I will be rewording some of it to fit this blog and also add what my tax man told me during our tax visit the other day.)

We all start off with something that we love to do and call it a craft or hobby. Then comes the day when we start selling our work and we realized we can turn that craft or hobby into a business. We are now a creative business person.
Y'all may be asking your self what dose creative business person mean? Number one, it means earning a income from doing something that we love to do. But it also means keeping good records.

Did y'all know if you sell art work, hair bows, vintage items, clothes, jewelry, crochet, photos, etc. as a hobby is taxable? But with your first sells y'all are now a small mom and pop business. Or are ya?

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Under the federal income tax, any income, regardless of the source, is taxable. Not only is the income generated from your craft or hobby taxable, but even those monetary awards.

There is a definite advantage to making your craft or hobby a business. One, it allows ya to deduct so many things: magazines. books, supplies. education and even your gas mileage. I would like to stop here...

  I ask my tax man about this and he told me that with the IRS this is a big gray area. The IRS will only give me so many years to turn my hobby into a business, but if I can't meet their standers than they will look at my business as a hobby and I will then be penalize to give back the deductions. 
But this dose note  mean that I cannot take advantage of the some deductions.
If y'all belong to (woke for or volunteer) to a non profit than y'all can take off on our tax's, gas mileage, supplies, booth fees, etc. but let see what else Sharon has to say...

It is very important once ya start earing income to keep good books. Sharon keeps a book in her car and log everything: listing dates; time and purpose of the trip.

If one donates art works or items to a charities or organizations, only the expense of making it is deductible-not what it normally sells for. Again I want
to stop here...
 I ask my tax man about this and he told me that yes this is right but, let's say I donates a piece art work, I can only deduct the cost of materials but if I donate a painting that is a year or more older I would have to get it appease to clam the full price of the paining. But let's move on....  

Sharon also said, Think like a creative business person. To be a business, a profit must be made three out of five years.

For more information, check with IRS on

Until next time Happy Creating and God Bless
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