Friday, January 4, 2013

Y'all don't have to stick to a standard size painting

I hope everyone Christmas and New Year was a bless one. Mine Christmas was the greatest for I got the best Christmas gift ever, for my hubby got to come home for Christmas. If y'all go to my FB page J.D. Fields Art Work by Lady Bug and scroll  down a bit you will see a video of how he surprise me.

But as I had wrote earlier I will be posting some late blogs to catch up and I would like to start with other Oct blog. This one is of a ACEO card that I had did for a mini show but did not get to enter due to the fact that I went on vacation with hubby.

I want to do a ACEO painting but not the standard size. So I came up with this design.

(Sorry for the pic being on its side it seem that I can't get the pic to turn right side up.)
As ya can see I have painted the 2" x 4" inside of the ACEO with a sun set in the ocean. I then painted a 1" blue border around the hold painting. I then took a 5"x7"canvas board and painted it black which I then glue the ACEO painting too. I still kept to the guide line of a mini painting which I created something w. So just remember that y'all don't have to stick to a standard size painting but be creative and see were your imagination leads ya.

Until next time Happy Creating

J.D. Fields of Art Work by Lady Bug

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