Friday, January 4, 2013

The Last Season Shows

On Nov 9th 2012 I came down sick but I knew that I had to do the Art on State Street Art Show in Redlands, Ca. late Nov, so I did my best to get myself well. So I thought...

On Sun Nov 18, I got down to State Street at 6:30 am and set up. The weather was not the best that day for it drizzles in the morning and then all day it got cloudy then sunny, then cloudy again.  

I spent the hold day talking to artist, laughing and try to make a bad day good. But by the end of the day my artist friend Jeff Seal was the only one of us who sold that day. And for him, his sell just broke even with the booth cost and lunch. 

Would I do this show again Yes for I feel the with the election just pasting people are holding onto their money for they are waiting to see what the old elected president is going to do.   

The next day I woke up and found that I did not have a voice, I guess my voice thought that it would be a good time to take a vacation and I have still had other show to do next week… 

 Will next week came and I hate to say this but I had to walk away from the Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Yucaipa Christian Church Holiday Boutique and Christmas Tree Lighting due to my voice still on vacation and I was starting to not feel well again. Boy did that show hurt my pocket book for I could not get my money back plus I had to donate a $35.00 item to the show as well…

So I rested all that week so that I could do the last show of the season for me. This one was a juried show with the YMCA of the East Valley 2012 Holiday Art and Gift Boutique. We as vendors had to pay our booth fee plus give 20% of our sales to the YMCA of the East Valley as a fundraiser and in return we got a free morning pastry but we had to pay for our coffee. One free lunch that look like a 6” day old subway, chips and water all in a brown paper bag. The great news was that we got to set up the day before which was a blessing but I knew I needed to be in bed for I was coming down with a running nose, coughing and my voice was half way back but I could pull it off (which I did) as allergies. 

Come Saturday Morning I was dress and ready for the day but my body kept crying out “I want to go home and back to bed”… 
When I got to my booth I had found that I was place with resells ladies. I am an artist and when I looked to the right, left, front and back of me there were all resell vendors. Now keep in mind there were other artist in the building but why did I get put between resells I don’t know but they were the best ladies, for they made me laugh thought out the day and they told me what shows to do and what shows not to do… Net Working, I love it!  

Again I watch people hold onto their money tight. They were not willing to part with it unless it was a $5-$10 dollar item or food.

 It seems from listening to a lot of vendors that last year they made more money from this show than this year. All I know is for me it was a bust plus the weather was bad, the foot traffic was bad and they had way too many vendors in the building (77 was the count). Will I do this show again? I will have to think long and hard on that one…  

As for me on Dec 10 I hate to say it but I am still under the weather.

Until next time Happy Creating
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