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Historic Landmark Friends of the Adobes

As I had said in a later post hubby and I went on vacation back in Oct 2012.  I had never been to Paso Robles or San Luis Obispo and had want to go there for so long, so we pick a date for our vacation, load up the RV and away we went.
On our trips hubby dose his best to take me to the CA. Mission for it is my goal to paint all 21 Missions someday. So with this trip we saw 3 more Missions (San Luis Obispo Mission, Mission San Miguel Archangel and Mission San Antonio) that I can mark off my list plus we also saw one Ca. National Historic Landmark call "Friends of the Adobes/Rios Caledonia Adobe" and that is what I want to talk about.

I am a very friend person and I can talk a blue streak when I want too but when it come to talking about my art work that is when I tend to clam up so it was a BIG SURPRISE to me that when hubby and I went into the adobe gift shop and as I look around I saw that there was no items of the Adobe for sell. We found out the gift shop ran on commission items only.

So before I knew what I was saying, I ask the gift shop lady if she wouldn't  mind if I did a painting of the Adobe and sold prints, writing card, bookmarks, and other small items in the gift shop. To my surprise she said yes, that she would love that, for she has been wanting items of the Adobe in the gift shop for a long time.

We agree that I would come up with something and this was all great news until I came home put all my pictures on my computer and after a couple of days later my computer crash and I was dead in the water. So I sent my computer out to be fix and low and be hold I got really ill which set me back on my goal for the painting. But on Jan 3rd I was just starting to feel better so I drew out the "Rios Caledonia Adobe" in my sketch book and on the 4th of Jan I trace the drawing on tracing paper to place on my 12"x24" canvas as y'all can see here in this picture.

 (I well be posting pictures of the different stages of the painting)
 Here are 3 of the pictures that I took of the Adobe.  As y'all can see I am pretty much looking up at the Adobe and gift because back in 1915 the California  State Highway came in and plow down a portion of the original stage coach dirt road to paved in the first two lane 101 Highway in 1923 and the Highway was use until 1931.  
On the 7th of Jan I started to lay the foundation color to the "Rios Caledonia Adobe" but if ya look off to the left y'all will see where my grandson try to help me paint. That day I found out that I well only be able to paint when he is napping. This is going to cut my time in painting down to
a couple of hours a day.
Here I have lay the foundation color of the door, roof and have added a suggestion of the mud brick that are expose.

In this painting I have added the post and some more glazing to the painting. 


In this painting I was not satisfied with the sky so I added more clouds and I also work on the windows and door as well. Plus I work on straighten out the building too.

Here I added the foundation color to the tile roof, the lattice, planters and the  bench with a blanket.

I also now have added the sidewalk, a bush, a tree limb, the tile to the roof,  the plants in the planters and have added color to the blanket that sit a bench.

And here is the finish product. I added the distant mountain, more bushes, the dirt walk way and the main bush that climbs the hill.
Now here is a little history about the Adobe: Note all info is taken from 
 RIOS-CALEDONIA ADOBE self guide tour handout.
The adobe was built in 1835, under the supervision of the Petronilo Rios, with Indian labor. The old adobe served as a stagecoach stop on the old mission trail between San Francisco and Los Angeles and was a hotel and tavern
from 1868-1885.
In 1886-the adobe was used as a dress makers shop and tailor shop;  1887-schoolhouse; 1889-1895 the adobe was also used as a mattress factory, upholstery shop, post office, and jail. 1895-1902 The adobe served as residence for the Telford family who operating a dairy farm. 1903 -1910 the Nygren families live in the adobe also.
From 1911- 1923 the RIOS-CALEDONIA ADOBE was abandon.
 1923 - The  RIOS-CALEDONIA ADOBE was sold to Mr. Charles Dorries who had plans to restore the building and open to the public.
1964 - The  RIOS-CALEDONIA ADOBE was purchased by the  San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to restore and open to the public.
1968 - The Friends of the Adobes was formed
1978- RIOS-CALEDONIA ADOBE Museum and Gift shop open to the
 public and is run by the Friends of the Adobes.
Well until next time, Happy Creating and God bless

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