Friday, January 11, 2013

Dose history repeats it self?

Well it is a new year and a new painting on my easel. In 2012 I was ill for about two months and did not want to do much art let a lone anything else. But now that I am in recovery Yay!!!!! I can't wait to get back to my art work. So now it is a new year and a new painting that I am itching to do and this is why...
When I went on vacation with hubby back in the late Oct 2012 we went to see the sights in Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, San Miguel and Jolon, Ca. On our trips hubby dose his best to take me to the CA. Mission for it is my goal to paint all 21 Missions someday. So with this trip we saw 3 more Missions (San Luis Obispo Mission, Mission San Miguel Archangel and Mission San Antonio) that I can mark off my list plus we also saw one Ca. National Historic Landmark call "Friends of the Adobes".
As we walk around the grounds of the "Friends of the Adobes" I talk to a lady name Joyce Herman who ran the gift shop.  I notice that she did not have any prints or items of the Adobe for sell. So before I knew what I was saying, I ask her if she would not mind if I painted the Adobe and sold prints and other items in the gift shop. To my surprise she said yes that she would love that, for she has been wanting items of the Adobe in the gift.
So with a new found spirit when hubby and I went to visit Mission San Antonio in Jolon, Ca. we walk the ground of the Mission and went into the gift shop. as we looked around the gift shop I ask the Mission gift worker on how I could I get my art work in the Mission gift shop and the Mission gift worker told me that the lady I would need to talk too was out for the day and she gave me the lady's business card. She also told me that it would be best for me to bring in some of my work so that I would have a better change to get my work into the Mission as well.
This was all great news until I came home and got sick. The set back hurt my spirit but with a new year it's a new start and what I found so far is a budding artist in the family. This is what happen...

On Jan 3rd I drew out the "Friends of the Adobes" in my sketch book and on the 4th of Jan I trace the drawing on tracing paper to place on my 12"x24" canvas.


On the 7th of Jan I started to paint the "Friends of the Adobes" but found my little grandson who is 21 months old standing my by side with a bottle of paint in his hand. For he wanted to help me paint and I let him at first but then I had to stop him because he was rubbing the pencil drawing almost off the canvas.
Did this stop him No! He would go and get other tub of paint or a paint brush and continue to help me paint.

 (As you can see here my grandson has rub the pencil drawing almost off the canvas.)

As I watch my grandson with my canvas I had to sit back and a flood of memories came rushing back to me when I was 2 or 3 years old and I was in my grandma's kitchen playing on the kitchen floor while my grandma taught my mom how to cook Mexican food (my mom is from Louisiana). I can remember going to the kitchen counter and standing up on my tip toes trying to reach the top of the kitchen counter where I knew my grandma kept little stub of pencils and small pieces of paper. I would get these items and, well I thought I was creating works of art. Ha-Ha from those little stub of pencils and small pieces of paper started a love for art started to grow and I knew even then that I wanted to be an artist.

As I sat there thinking and remembering about my past I thought about my grandson and what is going though his mind at that moment. So I wound up putting my painting away and I found an old painting that I never finish and so I place it on my big easel and gave him his own paint and paint brush as well and told him that he could paint. Boy was he a happy camper.



As I look at my grandson I can't help but think if he will follow in his Great-Great-Great- Uncle and my own foot step as an artist. Only time well tell...

Well until next time, Happy Creating 

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