Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On the Road Again!

Ever since I was a small child I have love to travel and when I grew up and started a family that seems to stop for a while. But then that desire came back when I had seen on TV an RV special on Vintage Tear Drops and how they would dress them up with  a theme to make them their own. I had told hubby that I what to start traveling again but the kicker was I wanted a Vintage Tear Drops. Hubby thought that I was crazy but little did I know that he went looking for one. I am told that when he found just the right one for me to be creative with, he found out really quickly that his shoulders were too big to get them though the narrow door so I had to settle for a 5th wheel. I was a little disappointed but so found out the 5th wheel was the better chose for being an artist I tend to pack a small studio with me to paint while we are on the road. 

On one of hubby work trip to Upper California he came across a campground with a vintage tear drops all dress up just like the ones I saw on the TV show. He took a pic and brought it home and when I saw it I knew I had to paint it.

This painting was created from a love that I have for tear drop trailers.

This is a 5X7 acrylic painting on canvas board. I have sealed it with an acrylic spray and have created this paining to be used for gift cards that I am planning on selling on at art show and on line.

 Until next time Happy Creating
J.D. Fields of Art Work by Lady Bug
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