Friday, August 17, 2012

WOW it ready dose work!!!!!

If you are like me y’all would rather paint than sit and really give ur brushes a good cleaning. In my early years as an artist and crafter I would spend what seem like hours cleaning and reshaping my brushes. But now that I work in acrylic I am a little ruff with them and spend every little time clean my brushes. So then have some miles on them and a lot of paint build up in the bristles. I was planning on throwing away these brushes but I have to say that I really did not want to do that only because they are apart of my hand now.

What to do?

Well a few months ago I was reading a blog by who I can not remember but they gave a little side note about how Murphy's Oil Soap real can clean brushes.

I put this on the back burner of my mind but it keep creeping up every now and then so before I would blog about it I what’d to test it out for my self. So a week of so ago while I was at the super market I pick me up a bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap and try it out.

Here is what I did…

1. Found an old glass jar with a lid

2. Place about two – three inches of water in the jar

3. Place about other three –four inches of Murphy's Oil Soap in the jar with the water

4. Place paint bushes in the jar and let set for 24 hrs to 36 hrs depending on how bad ur brushes are. (Mind was bad)

5. Then I set the jar where know one would mess with it.

6. When ready to clean I place a glove on my hand or ya can use a large toy tennis ball such as ya might buy for a dog toy. Y’all can use this to scrub ur brushes in instead of ur hand. Cut the tennis ball in half, and place the half ball in the palm of ur hand, Note: The ball has the same shape as your cupped hand. Now scrub ur brushes in the ball to clean…y’all will fine that the half tennis ball is a lot more durable. Plus, the paint dissolved (Oil or Acrylic) won't go into ur skin and get into ur body.

As I clean my brushes I found that it really dose work and it also condition you brushes as will. But one thing y’all will fine out that the longer the metal part of ur brushes stay in Murphy's Oil Soap it may turn black. That is the only draw back that I have found so far.

So don’t be like me but take a little time after each painting and clean ur brushes with a little Murphy's Oil Soap. Ur brushes with love ya for it.

Until next time Happy Creating

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