Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Would I do this show again?

Well I told y’all that I would write about the 1st Annual Edward Dean Museum Art Show in Cherry Valley, Ca.

It was a BIG HIT!

They had half of the show in doors and the other half out doors. I was one of the lucky one to have been place indoors for I had paid my registration early. I was so glad for that because two days before it had rain day and the day of the show it was in the med 90’s with humidity as well. (I don’t do humidity any more)

Inside we all got an 8-foot table and two chairs and the outdoor vendors got a 12X12 spot plus art the end of the show the Museum 10% of the sale. Not bad…

As I said I was inside and I set up my table with small works of art, prints, some eggery and my son writing pens. The artist next to me was a hoot, she kept me laughing all day long and I got to net work with other artist (which is always a plus) and I did a little bit of work for VisionQuest as well.
I was told for being the Museum 1st Annual Art show and Sales (now remember this show was on a Sunday) we had over 400 people come though. My son sold some of his pen and I sold some of my prints which was not bad. The vendors out side did fair them selves. I have found that people are still not ready to part with their money to by large original works of art but they will buy prints, cards, bookmakers, cups, etc of the printed art work.   
I also found that most of the customers were buying prints, small works of art, etc for the grandmother, Aunt, or a sick friend and they felt that this would help cheer them up.
Over all the show was a good one and I met some new artist friends to net work with. Would I do this show again YES!!!
Will I hope y’all are staying cool and dry in the funny summer year.
Until next time Happy Creating
J.D. Fields of Art Work by Lady Bug
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