Thursday, August 9, 2012

Been calling some art show...

I have been calling some art show to see if I can get into them for next year 2013. One of then I try to see if I could get into the show this year but they are fill up and I would need to go into a waiting list plus the lady ask me to send some photos of my work for her to see. I did and a few weeks later I got this e-mail…
Hi J.D.,

I found you in my spam. Your work is just wonderful and the eggery is different from anything we have. What kind of eggs do you use? You are definitely on the list for next year with all things being equal. If perchance a space opens up between now and October, I will call you. Thank you. I hope you can come to our show.

Looking forward to meeting you,

WOW! I could not believe it. If ya don’t ask y’all well never know what the answer will now will ya.

 Plus I called the art show call Red Dirt in Redlands, Ca and they are going to send me an appt for the show too.

People are right, never give up on ur dream it mite take ya a little longer than some people but if ya hang in there and keep dreaming ur dreams will come true…

I hope y’all are staying cool summer.

Until next time Happy Creating

J.D. Fields of Art Work by Lady Bug

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