Thursday, May 17, 2012

More info to add to ur art show supplies list part – 2

Well the following week Hubby and I set up my pop-up, tables, lattice display panels, etc for the Yucaipa Music & Arts Festival - Uptown Celebration.
I set up just like I did for the Wildlands/Vision Quest art show call “Art in the Wildlands’ /Art in Nature with the Wildlands Conservancy Oak Glen but this time I shared my booth with Helen H. This event was out on the street and we were on a slight lean but it was not to bad.

Well this time I could not tie down my pop-up so I use my lattice display panels as a wt. but as you can see I have also taken 4 old water jugs and I went down to home dept and bough a 100 lb bag of sand for about $5.00 dollars and fill them. So now I have wt. on the back of the pop-up with my lattice display panels and 50 lb. on each leg. And let me tell you when a good gust of wind came blowing thought, my pop-up it was not going know were. {.*u*.}
Also you can see that I have place my trash can out again. I have taken a medium size box that I can fold and place a trash bag in it. Which people and vendors were very happy to see for most people did not know that the city had place trash can out but they were behind me hidden…

Here is a pic that shows u my information table. I always put this table up front with pics of my work, business cards, brochures, my bio, etc.  

As u can see we were place next to the Muffin man and if u think that was a good idea - WRONG! The Muffin man booth was full of people off and on all day but when it can to us, we felt that these same folks moved on with out even seeing us. Over all it was a nice day and we did talk to a few folks and I got a lot of doggie pic’s for my ornaments…

The only thinking that I saw that first time vendors did was that they pack it up for what reason I do not know but I can tell you that it did make them look unprofessional and some of the vendors even got mad…

So what did we learn that day

1. Always set your pop-up with wt. or if you can stake it down with really big heavy nails  

2. Display your booth the best that you can. You always want it to show off your work. And my I make a suggestion never set up your booth with out a pop-up. It just dose not look professional and you want to always protect your self and your work.

3. Place a trash can outside of your booth

4. Set up an information table with business cards, brochures, your bio, etc.  

5. Be patient at the show, for you will not always make a sale but remember that you are exposing your self and your work to the public and they do remember you.  

6. But most of all when working a show NEVER, but NEVER pack up on a show and leave early. For one thing that dose not look professional on you and the show can ask you not to come back. So sit it out and if you don’t want to do this show again that is fine but always be professional in whatever work you do.