Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last blog before the year ends

Howdy blogger, 
                       I just wanted to get in our last blog before the end of this year. And I wanted to thank y’all for the support, friendship and love that y’all have shown me this past year. I hope my tips and tricks were a big help to y’all in booth setup, fairs, art & crafts, etc. This coming 2012 I am planning some more art show to attend, adding some new art work, getting my name out to the community and continuing my list of achievement and exploring the field for Art.

For an Unknown person once said “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement. A goal without a plan is just a wish. If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal.”   

And that is what I am doing, for as a child I dream of being an artist someday but it was not until 2 year ago that that dream became my goal. Now I am taking that goal to the next level and making it a reality.

Y’all take care and I will see ya next year in 2012


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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Ornaments price list.

I have been asked how much I do charge for my ornaments…

Eggs Ornaments

Small Chicken egg ornaments $8.00 plus Shipping $5.00

Large egg ornaments $14.00 plus Shipping $5.00

Medium Goose egg ornaments $16.00 plus Shipping $5.00
Large Goose egg ornaments $18.00 plus Shipping $5.00

Glass, plastic ornaments

Small ornaments $22.00 plus shipping $5.00

Medium ornaments $28.00 plus shipping $5.00
Large ornaments $38.00 plus shipping $5.00

Novelty plastic flat Ornaments

Small ornaments $18.00 plus shipping $5.00

Large ornaments $22.00 plus shipping $5.00


Small or Large Chicken egg $12.00 plus email for shipping

Emu egg ornaments $55.00 (painting) email for shipping
Emu egg ornaments $68.00 (painting and carving) email for shipping
Ostrich eggs ornaments $80.00 (painting) email for shipping
Ostrich eggs ornaments $98.00 (painting and carving) email for shipping

I am taking last minute orders and orders for next year for decorative, seasonal and novelty ornaments ~ any subject, pet portraits welcome. Plus commissions are always welcome. If you would like a hand painted ornament for that special someone or your self just e-mail me at: I can pretty much paint anything you want; all I need is a photo reference and a good description so that you can have a work of art that ya can enjoyed for years to come.
Also if you want to order several ornaments as gifts, talk to me about a discount for multiple orders!

Starting to get orders coming in...

Well as most of y’all know I did not have the best of months from June until Nov of this year creating art but now that my grandson Landon is get more independence I am now getting back to what I love and my mind is run wild with ideas.

Hubby and I went on vacation Thanksgiving week and I took some of my Goose eggs to paint to make some whimsical Christmas ornament to sale. I also paint pet portrait as well

Here is a pic of the whimsical Christmas ornament that I painted.

Medium Goose egg ornaments $14.00 plus it come with a nice white gift box. Shipping will be added. To purchase an ornament e-mail me at:

Because I take my work with me I had some people ask me if I could do a painting of their dogs on a Christmas ornament. So if any of you are interested in getting a portrait of your pet painted on an ornament, please be sure to place your order in. I will be taking orders all year long.

Here are some of my prices:

Small ornaments $8.00
Medium ornaments $14.00
Large ornaments $18.00
Emu egg ornaments $55.00 (painting)
Emu egg ornaments $68.00 (painting and carving)
Ostrich eggs ornaments $80.00 (painting)
Ostrich eggs ornaments $98.00 (painting and carving)

On other note, while on vacation hubby and I went to Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center, Ca for their Arts and Crafts Fairs and I must say that when I saw this booth full of hand painted gourds I fell in love.
They were beautiful and my creative mind started to work instantly and now I’m thinking of different way to create artwork on gourds plus I would like to offer Pet portraits on them as well.

Stay tuned.