Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keep dreaming and dream BIG!!!

I have been hearing a lot about people holding on to their money due to the economy. Well the other day I sat with my daughter and son-in-law at their yard sale and I mush say that I saw it 1st hand on how people are holding on to their money.

The children marked their yard sell items for pennies and people were still trying to get it for less and after we started to close down a ladies and her mother stop by with a van that read I will buy your yard sale items for pennies. Her mother told me that her daughter goes around after hours picking up yards items for pennies and then sells them at a swap meeting and sell the items at a much higher coast which got me to thinking…

If you have found that your sales as an artist, crafter, jeweler, potter, etc.  have fallen off this year, don’t worry for  you can always supplement your income with a home business, create a new Christmas items which everyone love to buy or you can write for a blogs for travel, RV and supplies, crafters, jeweler, potter, etc . Note: I have had to put down my paint brush from time to time too supplement my income with making home made prim tags, crochet  afghans and selling Avon by inter net.  

But never give up on your dreams but continue to press in. and when you what to or thinking of giving your dream just remember, were would we be if Apple Co had given up on his dream…

 Keep dreaming and dream BIG!!!