Thursday, September 22, 2011

An update on what is going on with me...

Howdy all, will I guess y'all thought that I have fallen off the face of the earth
& in a since I have. I am now taking care of my grandbabies while my daughter and son-in-law works.

I have had to but my painting once again on the back burner due to the care of the grandbabies but I have gone back to other love of my life and that is crocheting.

My grandmother started training me to crochet with the fine thread when I was about three or four years old and now I am able to feed, rock and hold baby Landon in my arms while crocheting which keeps my hands busy.

I am a creative person and if I'm not doing something creative I will become deeply moody and hubby dose not want that by know means.

So I am now working on crocheting all kinds of lap covers and covers (O' I forgot that's blankets) for babies, children, and adults and will be putting them up for sale soon.  Plus I am thinking of starting up a new blog on RVing. A lot of folks have ask me about RVing like tips, trips, camp site, etc. So I will let y'all know so that if y'all would like to join my new blog.

I will keep y'all updated with what is going on and will post some pic's of my new covers as well.

Y'all take care and remember to keep creating and let you soul sing.