Thursday, June 9, 2011

I want to share with you want I learned...Part -2

WOW!!! I can’t believe that we are in June and I wanted to post part -2 last month, O’ well I guess better late than never…

Well let’s get started… other thing that you can use at any show, I do this at ever show I attend, is wear a name tag so that people can see your name and put a name to a face later on when they see your or hear your name. I found this to be very beneficial in making future sales.

2. Always bring a fan for air. If y’all are in a building that ya can pug into electric, then bring some small fan and a hand held. Most customers will come into your booth to kinda cool off but as they are starting look a sale could happen. If not at lease y’all are staying cool.  

3. Always have some business card at your booth. What a lot of people do is set up one set and that is it. WRONG!!! Always place different looking types of business cards all around your booth. I place 3 - different types of business cards advertising my art work business.

4. Make up flyers advertising your specialty in your business and place them around your table. Also try to make a book about your specialty so that people/customers can see your work.

Hope this info helps you with your next show and be blessed.