Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want to share with you want I learned...

Last month I did an art show and I want to share with you want I learned.

Let me start off by say that if you get a boot (10x10) and you find that it is not what you payed for you can complain or you can get creative like I did and turn you booth into a more welcome site.

Here are some pics of my booth

Other thing you will want to think about as an artist is less is better. For crafter you want to put out the most of your supplies but as an artist you want to out just enough of your best artwork to show. Why I am saying this is I had a lady next to me put out 60 painting, she had so many pieces of work that you could not see them properly.  
But one thing I did learn from her is a different way to tag your art or even you crafts.
Here is a pic

Also make sure that you have photo books of your art or crafts so that people can see other things that you have done.
I will post more on what I found out on what to bring to a show next time.