Monday, March 28, 2011

Were will you business cards or brochures take ya

Y’all never know were your business cards or brochures can take ya. I was at home spending a nice quite day when the phone gang. I pick it up to answer and there was a gentle man on the other end asking me if I was J.D. of Art Work of Lady Bug. I was kinda taken back but said yes and he started to tell me that he was at one of the art show that I had did and he had pick up one of my brochures and thought that my work is really nice and would I consider doing a demo at the Art Assoc in April. Well I was taken back and was so surprise I said yes before I knew what I was saying. We talk for a bet and he then set me up to do a demonstrating in Graphite and Color Pencils mix, Watercolor Pencils, and Water Graphite.
Because of a simple little brochure that I had printed out I would have never guess that it would have take me to another part of the art world.  
So were will you business cards or brochures take ya…