Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do I set up for a show?

Spring is on its way and artist and crafts alike are now setting up shows to do and I have been ask this questions any times.
1.  Have you ever done a craft/art show?
2. What should I bring to a show beside my work?
3.  How do I set up for a show? Etc.

So I have been thing about this and I want to share all of you some of the things that I have learned over the years working a craft /art shows.
I have learned that you don’t always jump into a show without doing some foot work first. Find out how the show did last year and how may people attend it.  Try to talk to people who work the show but if you can’t, then attend the show the next year, check it out, scout out the best sites for your spot,talk to the people and the vendors, see if this is a show that you mite like to do for next year and if your crafts / art will fit in. This is what I do a lot of the time. I don’t like to lose my money on a bomb show or walk in blind and find that what I’m selling dose not fit in.
Next if you are going to do at least three out door show a year then invest is a good pop –up. Let me tell you it is no fun sitting out under the sun, wind, rain, cold, heat ect, all day long. A good pop –up also protects your hard work and your self.
I have found that people like little hand outs. When I did crafts shows  I would always have a sign - in guess book,  I would offer lay-a-way plan, I would hand out business card, brochures about my business, refrigerators  magnets  with my web site on them, brochure about the history of how prim dolls were made and with each sale I would place the items in a hand decorated  bag.
 Now that I have came back to doing my artwork , when I do a art show  I but out my sign - in guess book,  I still offer lay-a-way plan, I hand out business card, brochures about my business, a photo business card about I do custom/commission pet portraits, refrigerators  magnets  with my web site on them, and a full sheet on how to care for your artwork (I give this with each sale of art work).
I also place out a small bowl of candy but never place your candy at the front of you shop, for people will walk by and grab a candy and keep going and never look at your work and you will also have children grabbing handful s and by mid day your candy is gone with out a thank you.  I have learned to place the candy towards the back so that it will pull people in and a lease look at your work.
Other way to pull people in is to bring some of your work that you can work on and talk to the people about what you are doing. People like that.
 If you can bring your work than show a video of you doing a project … try to come up with ways to keep your work  in peoples mind for you never know when a big sale mite come from all your hard work because you took the time to give out a few free-bees.
I hope the info help you in your next up and coming show and HAPPY SALE …