Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last blog before the year ends

Howdy blogger, 
                       I just wanted to get in our last blog before the end of this year. And I wanted to thank y’all for the support, friendship and love that y’all have shown me this past year. I hope my tips and tricks were a big help to y’all in booth setup, fairs, art & crafts, etc. This coming 2012 I am planning some more art show to attend, adding some new art work, getting my name out to the community and continuing my list of achievement and exploring the field for Art.

For an Unknown person once said “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement. A goal without a plan is just a wish. If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal.”   

And that is what I am doing, for as a child I dream of being an artist someday but it was not until 2 year ago that that dream became my goal. Now I am taking that goal to the next level and making it a reality.

Y’all take care and I will see ya next year in 2012


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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Ornaments price list.

I have been asked how much I do charge for my ornaments…

Eggs Ornaments

Small Chicken egg ornaments $8.00 plus Shipping $5.00

Large egg ornaments $14.00 plus Shipping $5.00

Medium Goose egg ornaments $16.00 plus Shipping $5.00
Large Goose egg ornaments $18.00 plus Shipping $5.00

Glass, plastic ornaments

Small ornaments $22.00 plus shipping $5.00

Medium ornaments $28.00 plus shipping $5.00
Large ornaments $38.00 plus shipping $5.00

Novelty plastic flat Ornaments

Small ornaments $18.00 plus shipping $5.00

Large ornaments $22.00 plus shipping $5.00


Small or Large Chicken egg $12.00 plus email for shipping

Emu egg ornaments $55.00 (painting) email for shipping
Emu egg ornaments $68.00 (painting and carving) email for shipping
Ostrich eggs ornaments $80.00 (painting) email for shipping
Ostrich eggs ornaments $98.00 (painting and carving) email for shipping

I am taking last minute orders and orders for next year for decorative, seasonal and novelty ornaments ~ any subject, pet portraits welcome. Plus commissions are always welcome. If you would like a hand painted ornament for that special someone or your self just e-mail me at: I can pretty much paint anything you want; all I need is a photo reference and a good description so that you can have a work of art that ya can enjoyed for years to come.
Also if you want to order several ornaments as gifts, talk to me about a discount for multiple orders!

Starting to get orders coming in...

Well as most of y’all know I did not have the best of months from June until Nov of this year creating art but now that my grandson Landon is get more independence I am now getting back to what I love and my mind is run wild with ideas.

Hubby and I went on vacation Thanksgiving week and I took some of my Goose eggs to paint to make some whimsical Christmas ornament to sale. I also paint pet portrait as well

Here is a pic of the whimsical Christmas ornament that I painted.

Medium Goose egg ornaments $14.00 plus it come with a nice white gift box. Shipping will be added. To purchase an ornament e-mail me at:

Because I take my work with me I had some people ask me if I could do a painting of their dogs on a Christmas ornament. So if any of you are interested in getting a portrait of your pet painted on an ornament, please be sure to place your order in. I will be taking orders all year long.

Here are some of my prices:

Small ornaments $8.00
Medium ornaments $14.00
Large ornaments $18.00
Emu egg ornaments $55.00 (painting)
Emu egg ornaments $68.00 (painting and carving)
Ostrich eggs ornaments $80.00 (painting)
Ostrich eggs ornaments $98.00 (painting and carving)

On other note, while on vacation hubby and I went to Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center, Ca for their Arts and Crafts Fairs and I must say that when I saw this booth full of hand painted gourds I fell in love.
They were beautiful and my creative mind started to work instantly and now I’m thinking of different way to create artwork on gourds plus I would like to offer Pet portraits on them as well.

Stay tuned.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Been talking to artist & hear what they have to say...

Howdy everyone, I am guessing that most of you figure I had fallen off the face of the earth. Will I have been taking care of my grandson and granddaughter. Landon & Haydon Faith while my daughter Chantal and son-in-law Jason goes to work.

But I am back and will try my best to post more offen.

I have started painting again (now that Landon is getting older and he dose not need me as much as when he was a new born.) Plus I am a board member to Yucaipa Vision Quest Art Gallery and Yucaipa Valley Art Assoc. I have been working hard on updating Vision Quest Art Gallery Artist Log In art books and have been talking to artist big and small and I want to share some of the things that they have told me about selling their art work in this economy. (I am also thinking that this would also help out crafters too.)

We all know that the world economy has been hit hard these pass few years but mostly this year. But don't believe everything you hear about people not having money. There is still a lot of people with money out there and they are more than happy to spend it.
What I have been told by these artist is that you need to go to big cities, beach resorts, mountain resorts, deserts resorts, and places that snowbirds and sun birds stay at and peddle your wears there. If you stay around small town like Fontana, Ca you are not going to make much business. You need to go were the money is.
I was also told by the artist to create piece of art work that you can sell for under a $100.00. Most people can't afford $1000.00 painting but they can and will buy a $50.00 -$60.00 painting...

And people also like novelty work of art...

Plus for you crafters, during this holiday season have items that are big sellers like snowman, tags, ornaments, etc at adorable price's.

I guess what I am trying to say is don't give up on your dreams or small business just try different avenue to sell your wears and enjoy the time that you are creating. For there is only one you who can create the items in the style that you do.

Until the next time...


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keep dreaming and dream BIG!!!

I have been hearing a lot about people holding on to their money due to the economy. Well the other day I sat with my daughter and son-in-law at their yard sale and I mush say that I saw it 1st hand on how people are holding on to their money.

The children marked their yard sell items for pennies and people were still trying to get it for less and after we started to close down a ladies and her mother stop by with a van that read I will buy your yard sale items for pennies. Her mother told me that her daughter goes around after hours picking up yards items for pennies and then sells them at a swap meeting and sell the items at a much higher coast which got me to thinking…

If you have found that your sales as an artist, crafter, jeweler, potter, etc.  have fallen off this year, don’t worry for  you can always supplement your income with a home business, create a new Christmas items which everyone love to buy or you can write for a blogs for travel, RV and supplies, crafters, jeweler, potter, etc . Note: I have had to put down my paint brush from time to time too supplement my income with making home made prim tags, crochet  afghans and selling Avon by inter net.  

But never give up on your dreams but continue to press in. and when you what to or thinking of giving your dream just remember, were would we be if Apple Co had given up on his dream…

 Keep dreaming and dream BIG!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

An update on what is going on with me...

Howdy all, will I guess y'all thought that I have fallen off the face of the earth
& in a since I have. I am now taking care of my grandbabies while my daughter and son-in-law works.

I have had to but my painting once again on the back burner due to the care of the grandbabies but I have gone back to other love of my life and that is crocheting.

My grandmother started training me to crochet with the fine thread when I was about three or four years old and now I am able to feed, rock and hold baby Landon in my arms while crocheting which keeps my hands busy.

I am a creative person and if I'm not doing something creative I will become deeply moody and hubby dose not want that by know means.

So I am now working on crocheting all kinds of lap covers and covers (O' I forgot that's blankets) for babies, children, and adults and will be putting them up for sale soon.  Plus I am thinking of starting up a new blog on RVing. A lot of folks have ask me about RVing like tips, trips, camp site, etc. So I will let y'all know so that if y'all would like to join my new blog.

I will keep y'all updated with what is going on and will post some pic's of my new covers as well.

Y'all take care and remember to keep creating and let you soul sing.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer is coming to an end...

Summer is coming to and ends and if y’all are like me y’all are planning your next family trip for next year. As a crafter, photographer, artist, etc I like to take the beautiful of nature and create lovely works of art and bring that beauty home or put it up for sale. But I just found out that the State of California were I live has recently announced that 70 of your Rustic State Parks/Campgrounds will be close starting Sept 2011 all because of budget cutes. As an artist I get a lot of my ideas and inspiration from nature and with parks/campgrounds closing down all around the US it has become a sad day for a lot of artistic folk. So from now on when my family and I take our trips by car or RV I will look more closely and relish the beauty of nature for we don’t know how long she’ll last…
To check out the closing of California state parks go too: or go and see what parks are closing in your area.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

“Protect your Pets in High Temps”

This blog is going to be a little different from what I have been talking about.

For all who know me they know that I am a animal love and I love to paint all types of animals, so when I read in our local paper this week that a young Golden Retriever had to be euthanized last week after his owner left him in the vehicle while she shopped for about three hours...Well the dog suffered a heat stroke and was unable to be saved.

So when I read this in the Yucaipa News Mirror Newspaper I Just had to post it. Let’s protect our family pets, would we leave our little ones in the car? Then why leave your pets in a hot car?  

“Protect your Pets in High Temps”

Pets are very vulnerable to high temperatures, especially during a heart wave, and are unable to cool down their bodies as human can. Animals left outside in high heat temperatures can suffer from heat-related stress, burned paws, sunburn, and even death. Pet owners are advised to:

1. Make sure pets have plenty of fresh water every day. If traveling or leaving the home with a pet, always carry sufficient drinking water for it.

2. If possible, bring pets inside during the hot time of the day and let them rest in a cool part of the house. Make certain pets have plenty of shade if they are to be kept outside.

3. Never leave pets in a parked vehicle, even in the shade with windows cracked, temperatures can reach a dangerous 120* inside. The vehicle is quickly turned into a furnace and can kill any animals!

 4. Don’t force animals to exercise when it is hot and humid. Exercise pets early in the morning or in the evening.

5. In extremely hot weather, do not let your pets stand on sidewalks or hot asphalt to avoid burning their paws. Remember pets can suffer heat-related stress and danger just as humans can. So take extra precautions.   

Y’all pets will love ya for take a little time and following these simple guidelines  

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marketing checklist for artists

TOP TWENTY-SIX Marketing Checklist for Fine Artists.

This info was on Barney Davey's blog. I'm posting it here because I feel it is worth saving and sharing.

1. Commit at least 8 hours per month to marketing or hire someone who will.

2. Acquire a Business Tax Registration certificate and Sales Tax permit allowing you to purchase supplies wholesale (write off expenses-keep your receipts) and charge sales tax (pay sales tax) if you are self representing.

3. Purchase your domain name ( and get web design assistance from to establish an online portfolio.

4. Hire a photographer or shoot your own work as it is completed.

5. Title your jpegs with your name, title, size, medium with underscores to separate so all the details are in the file name.

6. Juried archival sites like re-title, artist’s space, white columns and saatchi are good for exposure to other artists and curators. These sites are on the site along with many other useful links. Beware of the company you keep with unjuried sites like boundless gallery, fine art America, paintings direct - just to name a few.

7. Print business cards with your name, address, phone number, e-mail and web address, to distribute.

8. Research galleries, museums and collectors to target and start a data base for mailing and phoning.

9. Beware of "vanity" galleries who ask for membership fees and payment for catalogues. A legitimate gallery which believes in you will be willing to take an up front risk and produce a catalogue at their own expense (or at least split the cost with you), pay for promotional materials and advertising and host an opening. Their investment is recovered in their commission so they have a vested interest in making a sale where as the vanity gallery without an investment has less incentive to promote a sale. If you are involved with a "vanity" gallery, think of it as a venue to show work and be proactive with your own promotion.

10. Beware of artists' coops (or vanity galleries with a large stable of artists) posting calls for entries. The existing artist stable may be guaranteed inclusion in the show. With limited wall space, there might be hundreds or thousands of submissions for only a handful of spots available. No matter how great your work is the odds of inclusive could be low. I know $35 entry fees are small but over and over it adds up so choose wisely.

11. Remember a gallery will sell your work to buyers but if you are seeking vast exposure, you or your publicist will need to sell "you the artist" to multiple galleries. With the internet, global exposure is more attainable than it has ever been. Most galleries will want an exclusive for a geographic area.

12. Negotiate a contract in writing with any gallery or representative with whom you become associated unless you thrive on danger. Don't do business on a hand shake or blind faith! This is a recipe for failure, being taken advantage of possibly legal action which costs more money and produces negative energy.

13. Read to keep informed at ArtCal, Artweek, ArtNews, Art in America, etc. These sites are on the site along with many other useful links.

14. Invest time in promotion or hire someone who will. Prepare collateral materials, send out CDs and collateral materials to galleries, follow up by phone, research opportunities, connect with other artist live or virtually. Be sure your website address is published on all communication materials and keep it up to date.

15. Be aware of the local art scene if there is one.

16. Submit work to juried shows with a known juror.

17. Research and apply for grants that might be applicable.

18. Be computer literate. Use contact management software. Stay up-to-date.

19. Set deadlines/goals. Create a strategy to connect with art consultants, curators, galleries, museums with your work or hire someone who will.

20. Continually update your mailing list.

21. Go to openings at galleries who may be interested in your work and leave cards or postcards.

22. Create an Artist's Statement - Your Mantra and maintain an up-to-date bio/resume with exhibitions, education, collectors, and awards received.

23. Create a consignment receipt and bill of sale.

24. Create a pricing formula for your work.

25. Keep a catalogue of resources i.e. framers, photographers, packers and shippers, printers, etc.

26. Be prepared for rejection...Don't lose momentum!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I want to share with you want I learned...Part -2

WOW!!! I can’t believe that we are in June and I wanted to post part -2 last month, O’ well I guess better late than never…

Well let’s get started… other thing that you can use at any show, I do this at ever show I attend, is wear a name tag so that people can see your name and put a name to a face later on when they see your or hear your name. I found this to be very beneficial in making future sales.

2. Always bring a fan for air. If y’all are in a building that ya can pug into electric, then bring some small fan and a hand held. Most customers will come into your booth to kinda cool off but as they are starting look a sale could happen. If not at lease y’all are staying cool.  

3. Always have some business card at your booth. What a lot of people do is set up one set and that is it. WRONG!!! Always place different looking types of business cards all around your booth. I place 3 - different types of business cards advertising my art work business.

4. Make up flyers advertising your specialty in your business and place them around your table. Also try to make a book about your specialty so that people/customers can see your work.

Hope this info helps you with your next show and be blessed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want to share with you want I learned...

Last month I did an art show and I want to share with you want I learned.

Let me start off by say that if you get a boot (10x10) and you find that it is not what you payed for you can complain or you can get creative like I did and turn you booth into a more welcome site.

Here are some pics of my booth

Other thing you will want to think about as an artist is less is better. For crafter you want to put out the most of your supplies but as an artist you want to out just enough of your best artwork to show. Why I am saying this is I had a lady next to me put out 60 painting, she had so many pieces of work that you could not see them properly.  
But one thing I did learn from her is a different way to tag your art or even you crafts.
Here is a pic

Also make sure that you have photo books of your art or crafts so that people can see other things that you have done.
I will post more on what I found out on what to bring to a show next time.     

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fan appreciation this weekend

Attention everyone!!!! I am having a Fan appreciation this weekend. How would you like to win a sign & no. 8x10 print? Will all you need to do is write down the name of the artwork that you would like to win from my site here on FB or you can visit my website @ & I'll choose the winner by by Mon-10:00 am Ca time. All you need to do is e-mail me with your choice of the artwork that you would like to win at  

We’ll have 3 winners, Hooray!! Please share, tweet, stumble etc... About Art Work by Lady Bug & thank you for all who join in advance!! (^_~)
  All you need to do is e-mail me with your choice of the artwork that you would like to win at   
We’ll have 3 winners, Hooray!! Please share, tweet, stumble etc... About Art Work by Lady Bug & thank you for all who join in advance!! (^_~)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Honey "It's a Boy!!!"

Some of you have been with me from the beginning and y’all know that my oldest daughter Chantal and her loving husband were expecting a baby. Some of you mite have been watching the little ticker (off to your left hand side)… and was wondering, who is Chantal? Well being the proud granny that I am I posted it to watch the count down of my newest grandson and to see if my daughter would have the baby on her due date which by the way was April 6. Will on April 5; at 10:10 pm Landon Nicolaus Metz was born.

 Please welcome my latest grandson …. Landon.  

Here is a pic of the proud father with his son

Monday, March 28, 2011

Were will you business cards or brochures take ya

Y’all never know were your business cards or brochures can take ya. I was at home spending a nice quite day when the phone gang. I pick it up to answer and there was a gentle man on the other end asking me if I was J.D. of Art Work of Lady Bug. I was kinda taken back but said yes and he started to tell me that he was at one of the art show that I had did and he had pick up one of my brochures and thought that my work is really nice and would I consider doing a demo at the Art Assoc in April. Well I was taken back and was so surprise I said yes before I knew what I was saying. We talk for a bet and he then set me up to do a demonstrating in Graphite and Color Pencils mix, Watercolor Pencils, and Water Graphite.
Because of a simple little brochure that I had printed out I would have never guess that it would have take me to another part of the art world.  
So were will you business cards or brochures take ya…

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do I set up for a show?

Spring is on its way and artist and crafts alike are now setting up shows to do and I have been ask this questions any times.
1.  Have you ever done a craft/art show?
2. What should I bring to a show beside my work?
3.  How do I set up for a show? Etc.

So I have been thing about this and I want to share all of you some of the things that I have learned over the years working a craft /art shows.
I have learned that you don’t always jump into a show without doing some foot work first. Find out how the show did last year and how may people attend it.  Try to talk to people who work the show but if you can’t, then attend the show the next year, check it out, scout out the best sites for your spot,talk to the people and the vendors, see if this is a show that you mite like to do for next year and if your crafts / art will fit in. This is what I do a lot of the time. I don’t like to lose my money on a bomb show or walk in blind and find that what I’m selling dose not fit in.
Next if you are going to do at least three out door show a year then invest is a good pop –up. Let me tell you it is no fun sitting out under the sun, wind, rain, cold, heat ect, all day long. A good pop –up also protects your hard work and your self.
I have found that people like little hand outs. When I did crafts shows  I would always have a sign - in guess book,  I would offer lay-a-way plan, I would hand out business card, brochures about my business, refrigerators  magnets  with my web site on them, brochure about the history of how prim dolls were made and with each sale I would place the items in a hand decorated  bag.
 Now that I have came back to doing my artwork , when I do a art show  I but out my sign - in guess book,  I still offer lay-a-way plan, I hand out business card, brochures about my business, a photo business card about I do custom/commission pet portraits, refrigerators  magnets  with my web site on them, and a full sheet on how to care for your artwork (I give this with each sale of art work).
I also place out a small bowl of candy but never place your candy at the front of you shop, for people will walk by and grab a candy and keep going and never look at your work and you will also have children grabbing handful s and by mid day your candy is gone with out a thank you.  I have learned to place the candy towards the back so that it will pull people in and a lease look at your work.
Other way to pull people in is to bring some of your work that you can work on and talk to the people about what you are doing. People like that.
 If you can bring your work than show a video of you doing a project … try to come up with ways to keep your work  in peoples mind for you never know when a big sale mite come from all your hard work because you took the time to give out a few free-bees.
I hope the info help you in your next up and coming show and HAPPY SALE …