Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Resolution or being Persistent

I have been thinking a lot about my journey in art and where I am today.
All my life I wanted to be an artist, when I was a child if you ask me what I was going to be when I grew up I would have told you an artist but my family was afraid that I would starve so I was head back from art. But it was in my blood and my love.  In the 70’s up to the med 90’s I went back to my art and started to make a living but I got married and children came along and my x-husband tried to run my art so again I stop. Then came the day in 2009 when I had to pick up the pencil and began to draw again. O’ that burning desirer rose up in me and I knew along with my hubby now that I need to get back to my art and so I join the art assoc, art gallery and did so shows.   

So for 2010 I pick up the brush and started to paint again and I did run into some stumbling blocks but I was persistent in not letting go this time. For 2011 I am going to take that persistent and I am going to start dreaming big and I am planning on fulfilling those dreams. For I love what ‘Inspired Mama Design’s Photos said on a painting: ‘SHOOT FOR THE MOON! EVEN IF YOU MISS, YOU’LL LAND AMONG THE STARS!’

So what is your New Years Resolution? Mind is to be more persistent in my art….
{◠‿◠} I am a artist.