Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Resolution or being Persistent

I have been thinking a lot about my journey in art and where I am today.
All my life I wanted to be an artist, when I was a child if you ask me what I was going to be when I grew up I would have told you an artist but my family was afraid that I would starve so I was head back from art. But it was in my blood and my love.  In the 70’s up to the med 90’s I went back to my art and started to make a living but I got married and children came along and my x-husband tried to run my art so again I stop. Then came the day in 2009 when I had to pick up the pencil and began to draw again. O’ that burning desirer rose up in me and I knew along with my hubby now that I need to get back to my art and so I join the art assoc, art gallery and did so shows.   

So for 2010 I pick up the brush and started to paint again and I did run into some stumbling blocks but I was persistent in not letting go this time. For 2011 I am going to take that persistent and I am going to start dreaming big and I am planning on fulfilling those dreams. For I love what ‘Inspired Mama Design’s Photos said on a painting: ‘SHOOT FOR THE MOON! EVEN IF YOU MISS, YOU’LL LAND AMONG THE STARS!’

So what is your New Years Resolution? Mind is to be more persistent in my art….
{◠‿◠} I am a artist. 

Monday, December 13, 2010


Christmas is just around the corner and most of us folk have decorated the inside of our home, set up the Christmas tree and put up the Christmas lights all around the house.
This leads me to some Christmas memories that I would like to share with y’all. The one that I hold dear to my heart is the one when my daughter was real little and I had put her to bed, my husband (now X-husband) went to the fireplace and took is work boots and place then in the ash and rub then in to make big footprints. The he went out side and climbed up on the roof and began to jump and shake the bell and in his deepest voice he hollered out ‘Ho-Ho-Ho Mary Christmas’. Well let me tell ya that child of mind tore out of that bed and ran to the fire place and when she saw that Santa came she ran back to her room and got her favorite right toy Buddy the teddy bear to show him that Santa came to her home and that is why I painted ‘My Favorite Toy’ for that memory of that one night when I too for a moment believed in Santa through the eyes of a child and the love that she shared with her bear.

O’ by the way my daughter who is now 23 or 24 (I forget) is going to have her own child next year and to this day, still has that will loved teddy bear name buddy…
Marry Christmas all and to all a good night…