Monday, November 8, 2010

Goals For My Art

I have been thinking long and hard about some of the articles that I have read these pass few weeks like; ‘How to sell your art or crafts during the recession’, ‘How to be successful as an self employed artist’, ‘Dose an artist consider commission work’, ‘Gallery or not’ just to name a few.
I have found all of it good reading but first things first, if ya are like me, I had to leave my artwork for a time and season and now I am ready to pick up were I left off but first I need to start with the bases question “What is it that I like to paint?” Not what I think mite sale or what I am told to paint but what do I have a passion for?   
Well I love all things country (like barns, rustic, nature, etc) historical site, and animals. So my next idea is to start to set some goals for my self and I came up with “Goals for my art and here they are:
My Goals for my Art

1.    Start to blog at lease once a month and work my way up to once a week.

2.    Make up a new business card for Pet and Nature Portraits

3.    Update my website– get new artwork on site in a timely matter.,

4.    Work on Zazzle and keep it updated -

5.    Complete commission work in a timely matter

6.    Complete the last painting before starting other one…

7.    Finish working on Pet and Nature Portraits blog setup

8.    Need to start painting/drawing a lease 4 day a week and work up to everyday

9.    Try to pin point my style in art

10.  Get some eggs to paint on

11. Paint some art work that you can market for under $ 45.00

12. Try to go out 2x a month and find a place to paint/ draw out in the community

13. Start sending out more letters to animals shelters 

14. Look for places to sell my art work

15. Find time to spend one on one time with hubby with out children, dogs, or me working on the computer

16. Start entering some art contents

17. Start drawing/ painting animals to give to animals shelters  for auctions

18. Learn more about inter net marketing

19. Start a “Cup –a –Joe” on my site once a month so that people can come in and chat and leave there own site on my front page.
I know that I will not be able to complete my hold list in a matter of a few weeks or even a few months but as long as I take two or three from my list and start to work on them, I can then work on the others until all my list is done. But if I drop the ball on a few, I will not beat my self up, but I will start were I left off and learn to move on and enjoy what I create.
What goals do y’all need to help ya with your business or hobby …