Friday, September 17, 2010

My high's & low's w/ the Junipero Serra Museum Painting

Well here is my 2nd blog I would like to talk about dyslexia and perspective. The Art Assoc that I attend came up with ‘Thinking out of the Box’ for our come back from summer brake in Sept. So in May I asked
my loving hubby if we could go to San Diego for our anniversary but what I really wanted was to spend sometime a lone with him and to take photos of historical sites in old town San Diego. When the Art Assoc comes up with ‘Thinking out of the Box’ I panic for I really did not wnat to challenge my self and fail so I figure I would place this on the back burner and concentrate on our anniversary trip…. When we got to San Diego we start to plan out our trip of all the sites we wanted to see and we had a great three days together… I remember telling my hubby, Bruce Sr., that I would like to paint all of the California Museum and he laugh and said ‘Sounds like a great road tip to me.’ I said laughingly ‘When can we leave’, know that he need to get back to work and I back to my artwork, we just chuckle at each other and after sometime Bruce told me that he would take me to each Missions just not all at once and that started me to thinking, could I really do this ‘Thinking out of the Box’ painting? Being dyslexic I tend to see thing back ward , like letter, numbers, etc  and I do not see thing straight nor can I draw a straight line and trying to go down stairs or draw then is hell so while we drove around I ask him to take me to the  Junipero Serra Museum, in Presidio Park, he did and when we walked up the path way to the Museum I saw these beautiful arches and this awesome old brick work and I knew that I had to do this painting, so I took a lot of photos...

When we came home I got my supplies and as I looked at my photos I told my self ‘You can do this J.D.’ ‘You can and will  paint' but I did not do any studies of the building’ (I always take the time to draw out my subject but I was so excided I did not want to take the time) So I jumped into the painting and failed, all those feelings you have being dyslexic can flooding back...

(Here you can see were I had to make a lot of changes because I could not see the perspective right)  

(I tryed too paint out my mistakes) 

(Here I am trying to hard to see and draw the right perspective while makeing changes to the painting)

 After a couple of weeks I went back and started from ground one with the drawings...

(here is one of my ruff sketches)

 and then slowly started to paint again while layering the paint and making my correction. And with each brush stoke I began to build more and more of the painting while building up my own confidences that I could do this and I used my dyslexic to my avenge, so now I am planning on doing  other painting of Junipero Serra Museum.  

So on Thursday Sept 16,2010  I took my painting to the Art Assoc monthly jury show to see what the group thought about this painting, and to my surprise I won Honorable Mention for all my hard work.
And the moral to this story is never give up on your self or your project, but just more your self aside and let the project talk to you and work with what you have. You mite just be surprise… ///^_^\\\

Hugs to all J.D. AKA Lady Bug