Monday, September 13, 2010

“How to Care for Your Art Work”

Howdy all - will this is my first time bogging so please bear with me for a time.

Why I have started this blog was at first to have a facebook giveaways (which I am stilling going to do) but now I am thinking of also blogging about my daughter pregnancy, My Uncle life journey, my art shows, the do and don’t of art, how to care for your art, ect.

So I would like to start off with “How to Care for Your Art Work”

When you purchase a piece of artwork (painting, drawing, photo, etc) the first place you want to place the art work is usually over the fire place mantel were you can view your new collection and later you will want to sit with a warn and inviting fire with the warm air rising along with smoke but what will happen to your lovely artwork?

While low temperatures make the best environment for your artwork, particularly art work on paper, there’s another reason why the spot above the fireplace, stove or heart is quit charming but it’s quite deadly. When you place any art work like a beautiful photograph, watercolor, drawing or painting above any source of heat, the constant temperature/humidity will cause the paper to expansion and contraction, as well as moisture that can build-up and eventually weaken and break down the paper. To help save and stop this from happening you could keep the temperature and humidity to a minimum. Note: never place a photo behind glass with out a matt, for a photo cannot breathe and the humidity can make it stick to the glass but if you place your photo in a matt then you photo can breathe. But what if you don’t want a matt then place a tiny piece of cork in the four corners for your frame so that the glass can not touch the photo and you well have a happy photo…

For the same reason, try not to hang any type of artwork on exterior walls, though sometimes it is imposable. If you live in a state with the four seasons, then your exterior walls well be the coolest in winter and the warmest in summer. To slow down the impact on any one piece, try to rotate our art work every year- to different walls and rooms. (This will help to save your photograph, watercolor, drawing, painting… and make your art work happy)

Also try to rotation your artwork especially in a sunny or half sunny room. The sunlight is the strongest when coming straight though a window and that is not a good place to hang artwork, when possible. If you are willing to redirect the sunlight with blinds then your artwork will be much happier.

Also air that moves around in your house in the course of day to day will help your artwork not to grow mold under it. Plus you can also add some small cork squares to the bottom corners of your frames, this will allows air to move under your artwork and slow down any mold growth. But if you are planning on going away for a month or longer, it is best for your artwork that you fine a way to keep the air moving in your absence. Central air with humidity control is always best but for cost reason a house sitter, family or friends who are willing to come over every few days to check on things will help move the air around.

Do all that you can to prevent any problems with your art work but if mold or something strange starts to grow inside one of your frames, that is definitely the time to call in a specialist and do not try to clean or treat the artwork yourself but call your local art museum and ask them who they would recommend about this problem and you can enjoy your work of art for generations to come.