Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chantal’s doctors visit

My daughter Chantal is expecting their first child and she had a doctors appointment yesterday to have the baby neck sonogram to see if the baby developing fine. (what they can’t do now a days)
I am happy to say very thing is right on track and she got to hear the baby heart beat also. When she told me about it the next day, I have to a mite my mind wondered back to when I was expecting her and the first time I heard her heart beat, it sounded like little horse’s foot step running really fast. Then I looked at her and see a young little mother to be. O’ how they grow up so fast…
Her hubby got some disappointing news though, he was told that on Oct 4 they would get to find out the baby sex but now they have to wait until sometime in Nov for they told Chantal that she was not far along enough yet to see the sex of the child. She has only hit her 3rd month and has a ways to go, thanks God her morning sickness is starting to light up now…
Here are some pic’s of the new baby and the happy little family

 Chantal, Jason and Hayden (Jason's niece)
 Note: Chantal is 2 month a long

This is Chantal at three months a long.

Pic's of my new grandbaby